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Bulk emailing is an excellent way to reach hundreds or thousands of people with just a few clicks of your mouse. While bulk emailing—sending the same message to a mass audience—is rarely going to yield as high of results as personalizing, you’ll occasionally need to send messages that are relevant to everyone.  

And, of course, depending on how big your email subscriber list is, your segments can still be hundreds or thousands of contacts. From promotions and coupons to blog posts and company announcements, you can provide your subscribers with extremely relevant content.

How to choose the best platform for bulk emailing

When it comes to email marketing service providers—ESPs—you have no shortage of options to choose from. As a marketer, you’ll need to look at the current needs of your brand and see which features will help you send the most effective bulk emails. That means sending highly relevant, targeted emails to segments of your list.

It’s also important to consider how your email marketing needs will evolve as your brand grows. Sure, you might only want to send a few promotional bulk emails right now. But what if you need advanced features to understand your data? Your list might be small at this point, but what will you do if it quickly outgrows a service provider’s limit?

It’s up to you to figure out which email service provider fits with your brand’s needs. One thing is certain, however: Free inbox clients, like Gmail, are definitely not to be used for email marketing. While some may offer abilities to do this, it’s a very inefficient and ineffective way of getting your message out there.

Choosing a reputable service provider like Campaign Monitor will reduce the chances of your bulk emails getting flagged as spam. It will also allow you to send quality messages to your audience, and personalize your messages as you become a better marketer.

And relevant emails mean effective emails.

Personalization is essential for engaging and retaining customers. In fact, 67% of customers expect brands to provide them with personalized content, and almost half will get annoyed when brands fail to do so.

67% of customers expect brands to provide them with personalized content.

How to measure your bulk email results

To check your bulk email data and analyze your results, simply log into your email service provider’s platform. Click over to your campaign dashboard.

In Campaign Monitor, you can check open rates, click-through rates, trends, locations, and so much more. This helps you identify who exactly is opening your emails, what type of content they enjoy, and how you can better engage them in the future.

Screenshot of Campaign Monitor's features

Does it really matter?

By choosing the right email service provider, the potential for your response and revenue may be vast. Especially in terms of ease-of-use: one platform may be suited for sending emails, but if it takes hours to send a campaign, are you being as effective as you could be? Not to mention features that grow with you, like:

  • Sending from a high-quality IP address to avoid spam
  • Segmenting your audience based on different demographics and behavior
  • Providing your subscribers with personalized and relevant content
  • Integrating data from other sources like Google Analytics, social media, and your CRM
  • Gaining a better understanding of your audience through advanced metrics and data

What now?

Test a few demos from reputable email service providers to figure out which one suits your needs best. Look for customizable templates, advanced data integration, and segmentation features to fit your needs as your business grows.

Are you ready to learn more about the power of segmentation and personalization for engaging your audience? Browse some of our innovative features to see if Campaign Monitor is the right choice for you.

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