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Email marketing has been around for decades. Even in the early years, when marketers were sending out messages to groups of dozens or maybe hundreds, they knew this tool had great potential. Fast forward to the present day, and marketers regularly address thousands or even millions with their messages.

The future of email marketing is bright.

It’s still a viable form of promotion, and it’s still arguably the best tool out there for delivering relevant content. The future of email marketing is going to be focused on delivering targeted content through segmentation. To simplify and streamline the process, marketers will also become increasingly reliant on automation.

How do you measure and anticipate the future of email marketing?

One thing is certain about email: The channel is growing in popularity. Over half the population uses email, and the number of worldwide users is expected to hit 4.3 billion in 2023. We can measure an email’s success by seeing how broad the potential audience is. In doing so, we can also anticipate the steps marketers will take to address the swelling user base effectively.

About 2.69 billion emails are sent per day.

With so many emails being sent, it’s more important than ever to rely on the practices of segmentation and automation. Segmentation helps you reach your entire list while keeping content relevant. You can make sure everyone gets content and ensure they get the content they want to see. Automation helps you save time. You can simplify those basic emails, and streamline their sending without manual involvement.

More benefits of segmentation and automation

Email segmentation is a practice every email marketer knows about. Using it is more important as your list grows. The benefit of segmentation doesn’t just lie in its ability to divide your list. You’ll also benefit from creating custom categories that can be updated with subscriber data.

As for automation, you’ll be sending out a lot of similar emails. Greetings, thank you messages, confirmation of purchases, and many other emails can be sent over and over. Since certain actions trigger each, you can automate them to save time.

Automation also frees up time for you to focus on creating more custom, user-centric content. You’ll still have the common standbys being sent when they’re needed, but you’ll also gain valuable time that you can use to improve your other emails further.

Have these trends been building for a while?

The future of email marketing will see certain types of content become more popular and have a bigger impact on ROI. Personalized content and streamlined processes didn’t just become the goal in 2019. These goals have been in sight in previous years as well.

With email marketing’s future secured, the only question now is how far these goals can take marketers.

Does it really matter?

It’s easy to think that all you need is good content. However, as your list grows, the need for new techniques becomes clear. Segmentation helps you stay relevant with all your list, as diverse as it may be.

Likewise, automation allows you to make sure the appropriate email is always sent at the right time. Even better, it lets you accomplish this without forcing you to create each email manually. You’ll get a better connection with your audience—and, even better, you’ll be more efficient, thanks to the extra time you’ll have as a result.

What now?

Email marketing is continuously evolving. Its potential as a promotional tool is nearly limitless. Given its immense potential for ROI, it’ll be used more in the future. Knowing the value of segmentation and automation, you can look forward to list growth.

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