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Video email marketing isn’t a special type of email marketing; it merely refers to the concept of adding videos to your email campaigns.

Why should you consider adding videos to your email marketing? It can improve your open rate by 6% and click-through rate by 65%—just be sure that you also include the word “video” in the subject line.

Video can also help you form a relationship with your subscribers while building their trust. 83% of businesses believe that video marketing produces a good ROI, while 97% say explainer videos have helped people understand their products or services. Videos work because almost all consumers watch them.

91% of consumers have watched an explainer video to learn more about a business’s product or service.

How to use video in your email marketing

It’s easiest to include a static image that looks like a video with a play button. The image serves as a link to a landing page where the video will play. Plus, this method gives your subscribers a taste for the video, so it’s better than a simple text-based hyperlink.

It’s possible to include an embedded video, as well using HTML5, but only 40% of email service providers support embedded video.

When you make your videos, it’s important to keep in mind that 95% of people believe a business’s video should be less than two minutes.

What is Video Email Marketing?

Source: Social Media Today

95% of consumers say a business’s video should be under two minutes.

Opportunities to use video in your email marketing

You have plenty of possibilities for drawing your subscribers’ interests with video in your email marketing.

Behind the scenes

Take your viewers into your restaurant’s kitchen or back office to show them how things are done behind the scenes. People will appreciate the transparency.

Introduce team members

Have your key team members introduce themselves with short biography videos. Let subscribers know they’re available to help.

Tease updates

Videos are perfect for building suspense around new products, locations, services, or interesting changes.

Product or service tutorials

Show your subscribers what it’s like to use your product or service. Walk them through the steps so they can experience the product through video.

Highlight case studies or testimonials

Interview some of your loyal customers for case study or review videos. These videos can help build trust through social proof.

How to measure your video email marketing results

If you decide to embed videos directly into your email campaigns, you’ll want to add a unique piece of code so you can track how many subscribers viewed the video.

However, we don’t recommend embedding videos directly into email campaigns because many email clients don’t support this feature.

If you choose to include a static image that links to a YouTube or landing page video, you can easily track these results. Simply log into your email service provider dashboard and click on the campaign you want to check. Here, you’ll be able to see how many people clicked the video link in the email.

Does it really matter?

Video in your email marketing campaigns can improve your open rate and other metrics.

Video includes many other benefits as well. It can help introduce subscribers to your team values and brand, can tease new products or locations, and can also help subscribers experience your business.

Including videos in your email marketing is an excellent way to connect with leads and customers.

What now?

Now that you understand how video in email marketing works, you can identify some goals for your business. Do you want to start building brand recognition and trust?

Do you want to create viral content that gets shared? Do you want to showcase your products and services?

After you figure out your goals, you can start focusing on the details for producing your videos and including them in your email campaigns.

Do you want to learn more about adding video to your email campaigns? We have the perfect guide here.

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