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This 55-minute webinar covers the highly requested topic of email design. We’ll start with some theory on what factors contribute to effective email design and then we’ll jump into a product demo to show you how to get the most out of the drag and drop builder.

To put it simply, a well-designed email is going to be more effective at communicating information to your subscribers. While content conveys the necessary information, design is the element that allows the user to navigate the content as the writer intends. In addition to this, good email design creates opportunities to entice subscribers and keep them engaged once they open the email.

Effective email design is a crucial aspect of email marketing and we’re here to help.

Duration: 55 minutes

About the speakers

Kate Jordan Campaign Monitor Kate is the Product Marketing Manager at Campaign Monitor. She works from Campaign Monitor's office in Sydney, Australia.
Tylor Loposser Campaign Monitor Tylor is an Art Director for Campaign Monitor. He works from Campaign Monitor's HQ in Nashville, TN, USA.
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