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Learn How To Use Campaign Monitor For Salesforce


Campaign Monitor is the #1 email marketing app for Salesforce, and for good reason.

Our integration with Salesforce allows you to sync your customer data in minutes, create powerful dashboards, trigger transactional emails, and much more.

In this 35-min interactive webinar, you’ll not only see the integration in action, but we will show you how to successfully use Salesforce to power personalized and timely email campaigns, without any of the hassle of manually updating your data.


Q: Is Campaign Monitor for Salesforce separate from Campaign Monitor and what does it cost?

A: Yes – Campaign Monitor for Salesforce, or CM4SF is a connector for Salesforce created and managed by Beaufort 12. You can install CM4SF via the Salesforce AppExchange.

CM4SF features a 14-day free trial, then is charged based on active subscribers in Campaign Monitor. See pricing for CM4SF here.

Q: Does the import wizard only add and update records?

A:  The import wizard can also set records to be deleted in Campaign Monitor. You can find this option on the “Scheduling” page. You can also resubscribe deleted records using the Import Wizard; this global option can be found on the “General Settings” tab. Note that you cannot resubscribe a bounced, unsubscribed, or suppressed record.

Q: Apart from the import wizard, are there other ways to add Salesforce records?

A: You can also add Salesforce records using the following methods:

  • From a Salesforce contact or lead record
  • On a Salesforce Campaign Member related list
  • Via Salesforce Process builder
  • Using our subscriber rules feature

Q: Can you trigger Campaign Monitor Journeys?

A: Yes – you just need to ensure that “trigger journey is enabled on the “General Settings” tab.

Q: Can you use the data from Campaign Monitor in Standard Salesforce Reports and Dashboards? 

A: Yes, we store our data within your Salesforce organization, which allows you to build reports and dashboards. Just be mindful that you can set limits to the amount of email tracking data stored, which means all your send history may not sync to Salesforce. You can find your full email history and trends (via Insights) in Campaign Monitor.

Q: What is the ‘primary sync’ and what is pulled back from Campaign Monitor

A: Data pulled back from Campaign Monitor is referred to as the primary sync. It runs every hour by default, and pulls back email tracking data and subscriber updates.

Q: Where can I find out about future webinars and other opportunities to learn more about CM4SF? 

You can sign up here to receive email updates on CM4SF by Beaufort 12.

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