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Testing your design in all the different email clients out there is the most frustrating part of sending email campaigns. Our design and spam testing tool changes all that by doing the hard work for you for just $5, or free with our Unlimited Plan.

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Email Screenshots

See screenshots of exactly how your email will look in more than 20 of the most popular desktop, web and mobile email clients like Outlook 2007,, Gmail, Lotus Notes, iPhone, BlackBerry and many more.

  1. Over 20 email clients
  2. See your email with images blocked
  3. View browser variations
  4. Rigorously spam tested

Spam Tested

Getting your email delivered isn't just about choosing a great email service provider. Your content might be triggering filters and not being read.

Instead of just scanning your content for "spammy words", we’ll pass your email through real spam filters and tell you which ones it passes, and which failed (though unfortunately we can't find out why).

We’ll also run your email through a number of key spam firewalls - the gatekeepers for most ISP’s and large corporations.

In over 20 clients...

Desktop Email Clients:

  1. Apple Mail 6
  2. Lotus Notes 7
  3. Lotus Notes 8
  4. Outlook 2000
  5. Outlook 2003
  6. Outlook 2007
  7. Outlook 2010
  8. Outlook 2013
  9. Thunderbird

Web-based Email Clients:

  1. AOL Web
  2. Gmail
  4. Yahoo Mail

Mobile Email Clients:

  1. Android 2.3
  2. Android 4.0
  3. Gmail (Android)
  4. Apple iPad
  5. Apple iPhone 5
  6. Apple iPhone 5s
  7. Windows Mobile 8

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