OpenSSL (heartbleed) statement

Campaign Monitor servers have all been patched in response to the threat posed by the Heartbleed bug in the OpenSSL software suite.

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Yahoo! Mail bounces itself, or why using a webmail address is a bad idea

Yahoo has started bouncing email sent with one of their domains listed in the header, yet really originating from third-party server. So, we decided it was a good time to review why using a webmail service in your campaign and sender details is a deliverability no-no, as well as some tactics you should use to get into the inbox.

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Do fewer links mean more clicks?

Throughout our email design gallery, you’ll see lots of minimalist, web-like campaigns, with only a link or two throughout. However, does this aesthetic get the most clicks? Or in email, are more links, in fact, better?

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Passing custom fields through to custom subscribe and unsubscribe pages

Recently we launched an update to allow the use of custom fields in links leading to custom subscribe and unsubscribe confirmation pages. The original fields that could be passed through to this custom page were name and email address but now we've expanded it to all custom fields.

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Denise Jacobs, on creativity, tiny habits and being your brilliance

At events and conferences, there are speakers who inform, inspire and delight. Then there’s Denise Jacobs, who can change your entire worldview. We interviewed the prolific Creativity Evangelist and communicator to find out how we can keep the ideas flowing and make the world better through collaboration and design.

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