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The right email marketing solution is critical to your business. Ecommerce stores need an effective way to connect with potential customers and retarget existing customers.

If ConvertKit is an email marketing service that you’ve been considering, you may want to think about some other options.

The best ConvertKit alternatives in the 2020 year have various features that make them potential choices for your brand.

Whether you’re looking for a solution that makes it easier to design sensational emails or a tool that allows you to set up automated campaigns and transactional emails, these 10 alternatives to ConvertKit might be what you’re looking for.

What are the features of ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is an email marketing tool for online businesses. To capitalize on email marketing, ecommerce stores need to have an automation strategy for the most lucrative results.

ConvertKit offers a curated selection of features to help ecommerce stores grow their business:

  • Automation: with list segmentation and automation rules, you can create targeted funnels that make email marketing quick and efficient.
  • Email designer: create simple emails that feature images, CTA buttons, and the option to use HTML if you want to get more technical.
  • Integrations: you can integrate ConvertKit with various other apps and tools to make your automation strategy more effective.
  • Landing pages: even if you don’t have a website, you can build landing pages to collect customer data and build your email list.
  • Signup forms: you can create custom signup forms to help you grow your audience confidently.

Email marketing automation is a powerful tool that gets the right message to your followers.

Source: Campaign Monitor

ConvertKit offers a free trial of their landing page tools and a referral program that allows you to unlock the ability to send emails. Their pricing plans start at $29 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers.

What can ConvertKit alternatives do for your business?

While ConvertKit is a great resource for certain businesses, your business might prefer an alternative that offers a specific feature or fits more appropriately in your budget. The right features are crucial when choosing your email marketing software.

ConvertKit has a streamlined selection of features and tools, but there are a few things they don’t offer. Moreover, certain aspects of their features have more robust alternatives in other email marketing solutions.

ConvertKit alternatives offer various practical features like:

  • A full CRM solution: managing your list of contacts is critical to growing an email list that converts. A CRM solution can make it easier for your business to track your contacts’ actions and history. It can also help you create segmented campaigns.
  • Drag-and-drop editor: ConvertKit has a simple editor as part of their package, but the best alternatives have an extensive selection of templates, layouts, and editing options. This allows you to create emails that catch your reader’s eye.
  • SMS marketing tools: text message marketing is trending, and ecommerce stores should take advantage of that. With the right tools, you can send promotional offers and account updates to your customers and track SMS metrics.
  • Domain registration: you can create landing pages (with or without a domain) in ConvertKit and its alternatives, but only the most comprehensive solutions let you register a domain and set up a website. Registering a domain usually attracts additional fees.

The right email marketing software will have strong analytical and reporting tools.

Source: Campaign Monitor

Choosing the right alternative to ConvertKit takes a little bit of research. But, if you know what kind of features you need and how much you want to spend, you can narrow down your choices.

Your 10 best ConvertKit alternatives for 2020

While ConvertKit is a great tool, it may not be the best choice for your business. These are the best ConvertKit alternatives for 2020 in alphabetical order.

1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign offers a comprehensive approach to managing customers and emails. While they don’t have robust email design capabilities, they provide an array of productivity features, including:

  • Email marketing tools
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Sales and CRM platform
  • Messaging solutions
  • Machine learning capabilities

ActiveCampaign gives you a free trial option and has plans starting at just $9 per month. Plan prices vary based on features and the size of your contact list.

2. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is another alternative to ConvertKit for online businesses. We offer a complete solution for automated email marketing. Our list of features includes:

  • Email marketing tools
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Personalization tools
  • Contact management tools
  • Signup forms
  • Analytics
  • Apps and integrations

 A drag-and-drop editor gives you the tools you need for killer email design.

Source: Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor features a powerful drag-and-drop editor to help you create effective emails. Plans start at just $9 per month and increase based on your contact list and the features you want.

3. Constant Contact

An alternative to ConvertKit that offers additional services is Constant Contact. Besides email marketing, they offer other features that boost your company’s productivity, like:

  • Email marketing tools
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Ecommerce integrations
  • Website builder
  • Logo maker
  • Professional marketing advice

Constant Contact has plans that start at $20 per month. You can send unlimited emails regardless of your plan, and plan prices increase based on features and number of contacts.

4. Drip

Another ecommerce ConvertKit alternative is Drip. Drip has a streamlined selection of email marketing features to make your campaigns simple and effective. Those features include:

  • Customer data tools
  • Email personalization tools
  • Multichannel automation
  • Audience engagement tools
  • Optimization tools
  • Ecommerce integrations

Drip does offer a 14-day free trial, so you can test all of their features, and their plans start at $49 per month. Prices increase as your contact list grows.

5. GetResponse

GetResponse is an all-in-one email marketing solution for businesses that want a simple automation solution. Their features include some of the most crucial marketing tools, like:

  • Email marketing software
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Landing page solutions
  • Ready-made autofunnels
  • Ecommerce and social media integrations
  • Webinars

GetResponse has a generous 30-day trial. They have plans starting at $15 per month for 1,000 contacts and a selection of features, and the prices increase with additional features and contacts.

6. HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the most comprehensive solutions available to online businesses, but they make it easy to get the services you need. Some of the best features of the HubSpot Marketing Hub are:

  • Email marketing tools
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Landing pages
  • Custom reporting
  • Additional Enterprise features

Depending on the size of your contact list and what features you want, HubSpot has a plan that starts at $50 per month, though the next tier starts at $800 per month. Both start at 1,000 contacts.

7. MailChimp

MailChimp is an all-in-one alternative to ConvertKit with additional services to make a complete marketing solution. MailChimp includes a range of diverse features like:

  • Marketing CRM
  • Email marketing tools
  • Automation tools
  • Social media integrations
  • Landing page builder
  • A/B testing and analytics

MailChimp has a free plan with a limited set of features. The paid plans start at $9.99 per month, depending on the features and how many contacts you have.

8. Ontraport

Ontraport offers a suite of tools for ecommerce businesses that want to create a complete digital marketing plan. Besides a comprehensive support system, they offer:

  • Marketing automation tools
  • Email marketing tools
  • Landing pages
  • Referral programs
  • Membership sites

You can get a free trial with Ontraport, then their plans start at $79 per month. Plans increase in price as you add more features and grow your contact list.

9. Sendinblue

Another ConvertKit alternative for email marketing is Sendinblue. They have the tools you need to add to your email list and connect with your subscribers like:

  • Email marketing tools
  • SMS marketing tools
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Transactional emails
  • Signup forms

Sendinblue has a free plan that allows you to send 300 emails per day. Their paid plans start at $25 per month for 40,000 emails, and they can accommodate enterprise-level needs.

10. SendX

SendX is a feature-rich email marketing solution that you may want to consider as an alternative to ConvertKit. They have a modest collection of features that include:

  • Email marketing tools
  • Automation tools
  • Landing page builder
  • Signup forms and popups
  • Drag-and-drop editor

SendX offers a free trial with instant setup, and their plans start at $9.99 per month for up to 1,000 contacts. Prices increase up to $79.99 per month for 15,000 emails. All plans include all features.

Wrap up

You want the best email marketing software for your business, but there are a lot of options. Before deciding on the best ConvertKit alternative for your business, consider these three things:

  • The size of your contact list will drive the cost of your plan.
  • Some plans only include a few features, so compare wisely.
  • App and software integrations can boost your email performance.

Consider your entire marketing plan and how the right email marketing solution can accommodate multichannel solutions, like your SEO strategy and social media campaigns.

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