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We now have our own, up-to-date whitelist instructions, ready to link to from your campaigns. View them here.

Concerned about your email campaign getting unintentionally stuck in your subscribers’ junk mail filters? Perhaps you should consider adding a link to email whitelist instructions in your campaigns. This allows your subscribers to add you to their “Safe senders list” (or similar), guaranteeing that your email will pass their filters, time and time again.

Why should my subscribers whitelist me?

Despite your best efforts to make your campaigns as inbox-friendly as possible (and our constant efforts to keep everyone on the good side of ISPs), sometimes our campaigns either get flagged as potentially spam, or hidden away in a junk mail folder somewhere. The majority of the time, it’s because we’ve accidentally done something to offend a particular email client – and this is where whitelisting steps in.

In short, whitelisting improves deliverability. It also reduces the chance of your email getting unnecessarily flagged as junk in the inbox. Most of your subscribers probably don’t want to miss an email from you, after all!

How do I add whitelist instructions to my email?

By adding a simple link to instructions like…

You’re receiving this monthly newsletter because you signed up via our site. Ensure it keeps coming.

… keen subscribers can pacify their sometimes-hyperactive junk mail filters and give your newsletter a wide berth. Thanks to this handy email whitelist instructions generator, this can be as simple as entering your campaign details, then adding the resulting instructions to your own site. As the instructions are provided as a simple HTML page, so you can copy, paste and restyle them as you see fit:

Whitelist instructions

Once you’ve added instructions to your site, you can link your email campaigns and templates to them. The whitelisting process only needs to be completed once per sender.

As the email whitelist generator provides instructions for most of the major email clients, it’s useful information for your subscribers to refer back to, next time they have a campaign to whitelist. Finally, many thanks to Fire Mail for the excellent example and Email Delivery Jedi, for providing this dead-easy Whitelist Email Instructions Generator.

Don’t forget to also get your email domain authenticated to ward off those pesky spam filters. It only takes a few minutes to set up and it’s something we recommend doing for every “from email address” domain you use.

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