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Data is changing the face of marketing –  no matter the industry or market share, having access to tangible data allows marketers to better understand and engage with their customers. By combining that data with the right tools and technologies, marketers can achieve true personalization at scale, reducing customer acquisition costs by as much as 50 percent. Nowhere is this more evident than in email, which continues to outperform all other marketing channels. But to truly understand the success of personalized email campaigns, brands are still missing key data on how consumers are responding to their efforts.

With Campaign Monitor’s recently launched, Insights, marketers have a complete view into the measurement and performance of a business’ email marketing investment, with interactive dashboards and reports. Now, all of our customers can quickly understand their email marketing performance data, report on results and act on the insights from a central, easy-to-use hub — without the help of a data analyst.

To further support the launch of Insights and the need for data-driven marketing programs, Campaign Monitor surveyed more than 1000 consumers across the United States to find out how they prefer to engage with brands and what types of email messages resonate most. Are they more likely to open emails with personalized subject lines? Do certain industries use email more effectively than others? How do millennials respond to email vs. social?

The 2017 U.S. Consumer Email Habits report highlights our findings, including:

  • Consumers Still Prefer Brands to Communicate via Email: There is no doubt, consumers still love email. More than half (52.7%) of those surveyed in the U.S. check their personal email account more than 10 times a day, and it is by far their favorite way to receive communication from brands.
  • Marketers Are Delivering on Personalization: Across all industries, companies are delivering on the promise of personalized emails by communicating timely and sharing relevant information that satisfies their audiences. Retail remains on top, with 76% of consumers agreeing that retails brands are sending relevant, accurate emails tailored to their shopping needs, followed by the travel, entertainment, nonprofit and media industries.
  • Discounts and Personalized Subject Lines Drive the Most Opens: It’s easy for emails to get lost in the fray. Our study showed that the top reasons for consumers to open an email from a brand are discount offerings (72%) and personalized subject lines (62%). While personalizing an email is a proven strategy to boost click-through-rates, discounts have shown to be one of the top reasons for consumers to subscribe to a newsletter and engage with a brand.
  • Millennials Lead the Way in Making Purchasing Decisions Based on Email: When it comes to taking action based on email, millennials are far more likely to do so. Despite the abundance of available communication channels, email remains the most engaging method for communication among millennials, with 58% “always” or “most of the time” donated to a nonprofit while just 18% of respondents 55+ did the same.

Wrap up

At Campaign Monitor, our customers continue to design some of the world’s most inspiring and effective email marketing campaigns – and we want to keep them ahead of the game. With a new understanding of what consumers want from brands, and the right technology at their fingertips, marketers can deliver new value to the customers they serve. Learn more about how consumers prefer engaging with brands through email by checking out a copy of the 2017 U.S. Consumer Email Habits Report.

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