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We’ve got a lot to learn from our customers. Amid frustrations and challenges that would’ve been incomprehensible before 2020, our customers have found new, creative ways to evolve and pivot to meet their goals—all while doing more with less. 

The grit, the resourcefulness, and the genius exhibited by the brands we get to work with have been inspiring. Cheesy? Maybe, but we tend to get sentimental over customers around here.

So when our customers have ideas about how to improve Campaign Monitor and in turn boost their own success, we listen. Our goal is to continuously innovate in order to meet—and exceed—our customers’ needs.

Kalyn New, our director of product marketing, said it best: “We are always listening to customer feedback and introducing new features that empower our customers to create smart, best-in-class email campaigns.” 

This month, we’ve unveiled a series of new, easy-to-use features to help marketers like you be more productive. These latest updates include the addition of unsubscribe surveys, a smart campaign tagging solution, and new layout templates. 

Campaign Monitor’s newest features

These enhancements are part of Campaign Monitor’s ongoing commitment to provide a modern and intuitive email platform for our customers. We aim to constantly optimize our features and offerings so we can better serve marketers around the world—marketers like you who have a lot on your to-do list and a shrinking amount of time in which to do it.

Unsubscribe survey

The unsubscribe survey is a new tool that gives marketers the option to add a survey when a recipient unsubscribes from their email list. The results provide valuable insights into why subscribers are choosing to opt-out, helping marketers understand how to adjust their email marketing strategy to be more relevant, effective, and targeted with their messaging.

Some amount of list churn is acceptable and even expected. In fact, email marketers see an average of 0.15% of their subscribers opt-out of their lists per month. Even with this normal amount of churn, marketers can still glean important information on how to better serve the subscribers who remain with the insights gained from an unsubscribe survey.

Screenshot of an unsubscribe survey powered by Campaign Monitor

You don’t have to stay in the dark. Instead, our unsubscribe survey tool can quickly reveal the reasons behind the unsubscribes, allowing marketers to adjust their strategy to retain a greater portion of their subscribers.

Campaign tags

A common frustration for marketing teams is the process of organizing, searching, and reporting on all of their email campaigns. With this new tagging feature, teams can create a bespoke organization system, empowering them to work more efficiently and save time when filtering and searching for drafted and sent campaigns.

GIF of the campaign tagging feature in Campaign Monitor

Tags increase collaboration and decrease limitations by allowing you to add multiple categories to a single campaign, making it a useful collaboration tool for large teams.

Campaign tags allow customers to easily compare campaign results.

For instance, you can tag a campaign by email type, as well as audience segment. You can also create tags around department or team members, empowering every team to operate quickly and efficiently without disrupting the workflow of any other team.

Layout templates

We already offer a wide selection of beautiful, customizable templates via our drag-and-drop builder. To complement these, we added new layout style email templates to the template library. These templates don’t have existing design elements, allowing small business marketers to create an email from scratch without having to go in and change every small design element. 

Our new layout templates make designing your own branded email even simpler

To make designing an email even simpler, the placeholder text used in these templates outlines best practice guidelines for crafting an effective email. 

What customers say

“The unsubscribe survey is now one of my favorite features,” said an Australian-based industry-leading ticketing provider. “Before we never knew why people were unsubscribing from our emails, so it’s been very helpful to see their answers, especially because people have been very open and honest with their feedback.”

“Campaign Monitor’s new tagging feature allows us to group and categorize emails efficiently — whether by brand, niche, or email purpose,” said Alex Dalland, digital producer at Universal Media Co. “This helps us not only to better view our strategic goals against core metrics, but also easily identify new opportunities.”

Wrap up

Email has come a long way since Campaign Monitor was founded in 2004. What constitutes a beautiful email has changed, but the makings of a sincere, genuine connection have not.

Our mission has always been to provide customers with the tools they need to create meaningful connections with their audiences. Like any good relationship, email is about getting to know your audience and letting them get to know you; it’s a two-way relationship. That’s why we’ve built our tools to help you understand your audience, which in turn allows you to do what you do best: To be yourself and tell your story in your own unique way.

Over 250,000 customers worldwide use our easy-to-use design, personalization, and automation tools to create and deliver stunning emails that drive real business results. 


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