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Coffee and donuts. Sonny and Cher. Sherlock and Watson. 

The most legendary teams are great individually, but truly magnificent together.

That holds true for some of the world’s most powerful, most popular business technologies, too. Campaign Monitor’s flexible, intuitive email marketing platform is a potent marketing tool on its own. But when we join forces with the legendary Salesforce CRM, together we become an unstoppable revenue-generating machine.

This is no ordinary martech pairing. The Campaign Monitor + Salesforce integration is the highest rated ESP on the AppExchange.

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce is easy, fast and seamless to integrate. It has enabled us to really reach out and get to know our clients. The customer service is brilliant; it’s responsive, helpful and personal, by people who really know their product and care about their customers.

– Paul Easto, CEO Wilderness Scotland & Wilderness Ireland

The Salesforce email integration dovetails the platforms seamlessly, helping you save time, send more relevant campaigns, track success more meticulously, and drive greater ROI. Watch this video to see just a few of the ways you can start taking advantage of it right away.

Watch the email integration in action

If you already use both these tools, here are some great ways to translate the Salesforce integration into tangible benefits for your email strategy. And if not, consider it a list of reasons to consider taking on two of the most trusted, effective customer engagement tools on the planet.

Design and build out email campaigns directly from Salesforce

As your technology stack broadens, it becomes tedious and even confusing to constantly jump between a growing list of marketing, sales, and operations platforms. The Campaign Monitor for Salesforce email integration streamlines your process, allowing you to orchestrate and execute your email strategy without having to leave your Salesforce instance.

You can even directly access our library of scientifically designed, mobile-ready templates, and modify them with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder. It’s all in one place, so you save time and keep your workflow simple.

building emails in salesroce

Automate data management and synchronization

Integrating your customer and marketing data systems means you can spend more time being creative and analytical, and less time wrestling with technology and performing menial transfer tasks. 

The integration adds a level of seamlessness. The participant list for our bike ride is updated every hour, so I can just create a segment saying everyone who’s raised, say $100, show them this copy. It’s so easy. I’ve got more time to think in those strategic ways because I don’t have to be manually handling data.

– Amy Mulder, Communications Coordinator

Connecting your accounts lets you automatically synchronize your contact and campaign data so you never miss a new contact (or changes to an old one). And since you can dynamically map data from any Salesforce object to Campaign Monitor’s custom fields, personalizing your emails becomes easier and more powerful than ever.

Import wizard for data into Salesforce

Simplify permissions and opt-in management

The world of permissioned email marketing continues to become more important—and more complex. The Salesforce email integration keeps your customer and subscriber preferences aligned across systems and keeps your audience in control of how and when they hear from you. That not only means happier customers; it also makes staying compliant with opt-in laws and regulations easier for your team.

Stay in control with smarter data dashboards

Synchronized data gives you deeper insights into subscriber behavior and helps you track customers from first touchpoint all the way through the purchase funnel. Custom reports and dashboards that update in real time with data from both platforms can help you measure the success of email campaigns in driving engagement and revenue.

You can view who is engaging with your emails and who is not, and track your subscriber lists—all in one place.

It is great to be able to schedule the data import to automatically run a couple of times a week to send contacts to CM based on SF report criteria. Also the mapping fields fields functionality can keep fields updated between the two. Using both of those functions we are able to confidently have up-to-date recipient segments whenever we are ready to send an email.

– Rachael Arnott, System Analyst, on the AppExchange

Wrap up

Integrating high-powered business technology is a great way to improve results and save time. But not all integrations are created equal: some, like Campaign Monitor and Salesforce, fit together like paired puzzle pieces.

Integrating your Campaign Monitor and Salesforce accounts means you’ll save time and get better performance through superior data analysis and personalization capabilities. 

You can try this Salesforce integration free for 14 days. Check it out here, and don’t forget to browse our App Store for other ways to connect your email marketing with your favorite business tools.


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