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Shake the Blues by Overriding Yahoo! Mail’s Default Link Color

Its been pointed out recently that links in HTML emails have started showing up blue…

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Annotate and Share Your Email Designs with Coda Notes

For the most part, remotely collaborating on web and email designs is hard. Back in…

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Create a Straight-Talking Email Design Contract in 30 Seconds

Earlier this year, we contacted a fair few of our customers to find out what…

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Looking for an Email Designer?

Got an email design job? Looking for someone to create a Campaign Monitor-friendly template for…

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Kickstart Your Autoresponders with These 5 Simple Ideas

Now that you’ve probably seen, heard about or even tinkered with our new autoresponders, you’re…

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We’ve Got Executive Summaries for Designers and Resellers

Whether its via word-of-mouth, Twitter or stunning campaigns, there’s no denying that customers like you…

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Autoresponders Are Here!

Today I’m happy to announce that our brand new autoresponders feature is available for all…

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Send Reminders or Date-Targeted Email with New Date Custom Fields

By popular demand, you can now include dates in your custom fields. Using the new…

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Populate Your Custom Fields with Wufoo’s Form Field Matching

If you use Wufoo or read their blog, you probably know that they’re a team…

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Add a Background Image to Individual Table Cells in Your Email

You may have read earlier about our approach to applying a background image to an…

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Why Does Thunderbird Think My Email Is a Scam?

We learnt a valuable lesson after sending our most recent monthly newsletter, which we’d like…

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