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Can I Send Email Campaigns in a Language Other Than English?

Given that we’ve got customers in 187 countries worldwide, we commonly get asked questions about…

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Setting Campaigns on a Positive Tangent with Vector Media Group

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our growing collection of customer case studies, you…

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Keep in Touch with Your Customers Using Simple Sales Tracking

Every now and then, customers ask us to suggest CRM web apps that play nice…

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Outlook 2007 and the Inline !Important Declaration

Add another quirk to the list of Outlook 2007s special issues. We’ve discovered that any…

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More Than $3 Million in Mark-Up Profits Earned by Our Customers

Last month we hit a very exciting milestone for Campaign Monitor with more than $3…

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Better Insight into Click Activity with Our New Overlay Report

We’ve just given your campaign reports a little more jazz by including an overlay view,…

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We Wrote the Book on HTML Email!

Today our book, “Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!”, is being released in print…

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Your Subscriber Lists Can Now Have up to 50 Custom Fields

If you’ve been poking around your subscriber lists lately, you may have noticed that there…

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We’ve Added Webmail Testing in Firefox to Our Design Tests

We’re pleased to announce that our design and spam tests now offer webmail screenshots within…

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How Our Support Team Works from Home (and Stays Sane)

Find out how Campaign Monitor’s support team works from locations around the world, learn our…

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Making a Great First Impression on Your New Subscribers

Regardless of whether you’re on a date, at a job interview, or kicking off a…

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