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Campaign Monitor in 30 Seconds

Check out our promo video for Campaign Monitor, which was done as part of our…

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Sending a Final Message to Microsoft about Outlook 2010

After the huge success of the campaign, we decided to create a mosaic of…

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Reselling Campaign Monitor to a Niche Market: Meet Scoutmailer

In this case study we highlight ScoutMailer, a rebranded version of Campaign Monitor targeted specifically…

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How to Add a Newsletter Signup Form to Your Facebook ‘Like’ Page

Thanks to a simple Facebook plugin, it is easy to add a signup form for…

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Easily Email Your Contacts with TactileCRM Integration

Tactile CRM have just announced a very cool new integration with Campaign Monitor making it…

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How Performative Web Uses Our API to Build and Send Dynamic Emails

As a great showcase for the power of our API, Performative Web recently integrated their…

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Winning Slogans from Our T-Shirt Competition

The voting has been closed, and you have selected our winning t-shirt slogans. Read on…

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Automatically Manage Templates via the API

Today we launched a host of new API methods making it easy to manage all…

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The Last 24 Hours on

In less than a day, we hit an incredible 20,000 tweets from the community who…

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Microsoft to Ignore Web Standards in Outlook 2010 – Enough Is Enough

It’s official, Outlook 2010 will continue to use the Word rendering engine to display HTML…

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New API Method: Delete a Campaign

You can now delete campaigns directly via the API, useful if you send a few…

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