Build Beautiful Templates

Turn any web page into a flexible email template with a few simple tags. Combined with our editor, it's the easiest way for anyone to create beautiful emails.


Making Content Editable

Create re-usable email templates for your client with total control over the sections they can, or can't change.


Personalize every email you send to include subscriber data such as their name or any other data you store.

Dynamic Content

Personalize your campaigns by conditionally displaying content, based on custom field values in your subscriber lists, or on membership in your lists and segments.

Important Links

Add an unsubscribe link to your emails, allow subscribers to update their email preferences or forward to a friend.

Using RSS

Automatically send a campaign whenever you update your site, or populate a draft email with content from an RSS feed.


Automatically add the date to your campaign, such as "July Newsletter" without the need to change it every month.

Social Sharing

Make it easy for your subscribers to tweet about your campaign or like you on Facebook, then see comprehensive reports on what people are saying.