UK-based organization, Role Models, strives to educate children beyond society’s solely-academic standard. Founded in 2014, Role Models is rooted in the belief that life skills and character development are vital to the well-being and potential of every child.


Role Models offers life skills courses that aren’t typically included in a traditional school curriculum, and further promotes the happiness, academic success, and overall achievement of each child who enters their program.


Through sharing helpful and free information to parents who are looking to expand their child’s education, Role Models uses the power of email marketing to build a trusted, generous, and credible brand. 

With the help of Campaign Monitor, Role Models saw some awesome results.

23.5% Open Rate
12.6% Click-through rate
≈ £2,450 In 2 months of online booking revenue
Email is the most direct access we have to our customers. Because with other channels, like social media, you’re never entirely sure how engaged your audience really is Hugo Shephard, Founder and Managing Director

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