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Our curated collection of apps for retailers to bring in the right data from e-commerce platforms and send targeted, personalized content to drive sales.

Lexer Developed by Lexer Connected data, self-served insights, personalized experiences. The Lexer Customer Data Platform helps brands and retailers genuinely understand their customers and engage them with the experiences they deserve.
Gift Up! Developed by Gift Up! The simplest way to sell your business’ gift cards online
Ematic Solutions Developed by Ematic Solutions Ematic Solutions solves marketing technology problems
Coupon Carrier Developed by Coupon Carrier Distribute unique codes, that you provide, to your subscribers.
Campaign Monitor for WooCommerce Developed by Campaign Monitor Campaign Monitor for WooCommerce integration is not currently supported. Our team is working hard and looking for ways to bring this back. Stay tuned for updates!
Campaign Monitor for Shopify Developed by Campaign Monitor Leverage the powerful customer data from your Shopify store to create targeted, timely email marketing campaigns.
Fresh Relevance Developed by Fresh Relevance Manage personalized content and transactional triggered emails with Campaign Monitor and Fresh Relevance.
LiveChat Developed by TEXT Extend snappy customer support via your site and grow your subscriber lists with this fully-featured live chat service.

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