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  • Data Integration and Access – Gain direct access to all your unified customer data in one place
  • Predictive Segmentation and Insight – Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and what drives their behavior
  • Multichannel Orchestration – Prioritize and orchestrate highly personalized, multi-channel customer communications, at scale
  • Incremental Uplift Measurement – Understand the impact of your marketing plans beyond opens and clicks by measuring the incremental uplift they have on any custom KPI.
  • Self-optimization of campaigns and journeys - Continuously optimize customer communications using AI


By combining Optimove’s realtime customer data platform and multichannel orchestration engine with Campaign Monitor’s email capabilities, you will ensure that each customer has the most personalized experience while interacting with your brand.

The combination will allow you to create highly granular custom segments based on how your users interact with your brand. Within Optimove you will gain access to always-up-to-date, unified customer profiles that combine historical email campaign data from Campaign Monitor with data from your CRM, service cloud, data warehouse, POS and more.

Ensure that all your marketing channels are in sync, by sending Campaign Monitor emails with Optimove’s smart orchestration capabilities. For example, you can combine emails with other channels – such as push notifications, website personalization, digital advertising and even direct mail – to present customers with a fully aligned, personalized experience across all touchpoints.

Use Optimove’s prioritization and exclusion mechanisms and self-optimizing algorithms to ensure that each individual customer only receives the most relevant communications. For example, ensure that each individual customer within a segment receives the most appropriate treatment with Optimove’s self-optimizing A/B/n campaigns.

Installation / Documentation

In order to set up the integration with Optimove, the below steps should be followed:

  • Request from the Optimove’s Product Integration team to enable Campaign Monitor for your Optimove site
  • Create a new Template in Campaign Monitor
  • Create a Campaign in Optimove and select Campaign Monitor Channel, template and sending time.
  • Populate the From and Subject sections in Optimove
  • Execute the Campaign through Optimove
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