Developed by Whatagraph

Marketing analytics reporting tool for agencies.


  • Track email campaigns individually or in aggregate.
  • Visualize the development of email campaign metrics - number of emails sent, delivery rate, open rate, response rates.
  • Compare email campaign performance against each other, or create cross-channel reports to compare email campaign performance against other marketing channels.


Analyze the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns with the help of Whatagraph integration. Visualize essential email metrics and turn numbers into stunning visual reports you can share with your executives or clients. Integrating your Campaign Monitor account with Whatagraph only takes a moment. Report building is intuitive and it only takes a few moments – drag and drop the metrics you wish to visualize onto the report interface. Whether you’re reporting on your Campaign Monitor analytics or other platforms, all of the data is gathered automatically as soon as it’s updated natively. Create cross-channel reports and measure the performance of your email marketing efforts against other marketing channels. Track and analyze data in one place quickly and share these reports with anyone – clients, executives.

Installation / Documentation

To have access to the integration, you need to have either the ‘Premium’ or the ‘Growth’ plan of Whatagraph.

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Price: $119-$699
Developer: Whatagraph
Contact: Email support
Release date: January 5, 2021
Version: 1.0

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