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Email Automation

Email automation is the ability to send time or action triggered emails to subscribers with relevant information. Automation is useful for a variety of marketing purposes. Whether it’s a triggered workflow that helps nurture new leads, birthday greetings that add a personal touch, or automated blog updates that take the legwork out of staying in touch with your audience — email automation makes email marketing more efficient, personalized, and relevant.

Using automation for email campaigns is one of the most efficient methods of communicating with prospective customers and followers who have a genuine interest in following the updates of a business or brand. With email automation tools, you don’t have to miss another opportunity to generate leads, sales, and revenue again.

With email marketing automation, you can gain valuable insight into the wants and needs of your target audience, while gaining a better understanding of your preferred demographics.

To help you streamline your email marketing automation strategy, here are four automation hacks to implement today for better engagement:

  1. Use website tracking snippets: Using the website tracking snippet, you can monitor how subscribers move from your email to your website — and what they’re looking at. 
  2. Try segment builders with access to website behaviors and relative dates: Segment subscribers based on the purchases they make on your website or the type of content they look at on your blog. These types of segments go beyond classic segments that are typically based on demographic data like age, location, or income, and focus more on a subscriber’s behavior.
  3. Consider segment-triggered automation: After using the segment builder, you have the groundwork complete to create and send hyper-personalized emails. With email automation, the process is a breeze. You can pre-make and automate emails based on a subscriber’s actions.

Employ basic dynamic content: Marketers are always crunched for time. If you need to send a personalized email in a hurry, rely on dynamic content. Dynamic content gives you the ability to create one email, but customize pieces of it based on the subscriber receiving it.


Email automation could be used to automatically onboard new customers and explain your product’s features so that users get the best possible experience.

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