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Email Workflow

An email workflow is a series of automated emails triggered by specific subscriber behavior or data that you’ve created in your ESP. For instance, you could set up an email workflow that triggers when a customer hits a milestone—an anniversary of their joining your list, spending a certain amount of money, or anything else that makes sense for your brand and industry. 

The email workflow automatically sends a series of emails designed to help your customer realize all the benefits of investing in your brand while saving you time and resources, since you only have to design the workflow once and let it run. Similarly, you can set up a workflow that onboards new customers, nurtures new leads, or introduces subscribers to your brand’s story. The possibilities are endless and the more specific you can be, the better. 

This means your subscribers get incredibly personalized and relevant content they’re most likely to engage with. That’s not to say you should set it and forget it. You can and should keep an eye on your workflows to make sure you’re seeing the results you need from your workflows. Remember, one of the reasons email marketing is so cost-effective is that it’s simple to continuously refine your strategy, monitoring your metrics to see what works and applying those tactics across your email marketing.

An email workflow should anticipate the customer journey and lead them through a progression of emails until they are finally ready to make a conversion and take the next step with your brand.


An email workflow aimed at onboarding new customers might include a series of automated emails that show recipients how to use various product features with step by step videos or how-tos.

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