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Opt-in Marketing

Opt-in marketing is a form of permission marketing in which there is a formal opt-in process for receiving follow-up communication, offers, etc. In this format, marketers ensure the recipient is fully aware that he or she will get additional information at a later date, thus removing an unwanted element of surprise or anger when the information arrives.

As worldwide privacy and data regulations gain more and more traction, having an audience that’s opted in is almost table stakes in modern society. And while consent has always been a tenet of email marketing, its broadening definition makes even email marketers reconsider their launch of new series, newsletters, etc.

And that’s not only because we want clear consent on what we’re sending our subscribers—it’s also because it leads to better engagement and more money. Consider launching an additional newsletter that focuses on a niche that your audience is interested in. Sending this newsletter to everyone on your list—because you think everyone would be interested in it—could result in recipients unsubscribing from both newsletters. Instead, this is a good opportunity to market your launching newsletter, creating hype around it and inviting your audience to opt in to this new medium.

Opted-in marketing is the surest way to grow your brand organically. It builds on the backs of an audience that’s genuinely interested in your brand and product, which leads to better engagement and better sales.

Here are a few places to start with opt-in marketing:


Using opt-in marketing, attracts leads with an opt-in that asks ticket purchasers if they’d like follow-up information on upcoming shows. A few days later, the user gets follow-up information in his or her inbox about other shows that they can purchase tickets for.

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