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Much to the disdain of marketers, images are sometimes blocked by default in email clients. How to deal? Enter alt text.

Chapter 1

What is alt text?

Alt text simply means alternative text displayed with an image. Think of it as the backup text that provides some context about what your image is, for those that have images blocked or turned off by default.

Another important reason alt text is used is for visually impaired subscribers that may use a screen reader to get a description of images in an email.

Chapter 2

Why is alt text is important in email?

Aside from the obvious reason of accessibility, alt text is an opportunity. While you should be encouraging your subscribers to whitelist your emails, it’s still important to provide context for images given all email clients—webmail and desktop—have the ability to disable or enable images by default.

As you can see from this example of the Campaign Monitor newsletter, when images are blocked, subscribers see what looks like a broken image, or a red “X”. In this case, we’ve used alt text to indicate that there is an image and provided a little context about what the image is to encourage subscribers to enable images in the email.

Campaign Monitor Email Newsletter Example - Image Alt Text

Chapter 3

How do I add alt text to my images in Campaign Monitor?

Adding alt text in Campaign Monitor is super quick and easy.

1. Add your image to your email

Add Alt Text - Context for Images


2. Add your alt text in the alt text field box

Campaign Monitor - Email Builder - Add Alt Text

Click done editing and you are good to go!

Chapter 4

Wrap up

Using alt text is a simple and quick way to provide context for images in your emails in the event they are blocked by email clients. Check out our guide about image blocking for more details.

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