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If you want to nourish customer loyalty, you must keep your subscribers in the loop on the latest and greatest news from your brand. Email newsletters build relationships with customers, attract new prospects, and can ultimately increase sales.

25 content ideas

25 Content Ideas for Your Email Newsletter

1. Trophy time
Was your brand recently recognized for being awesome? Customers love to share in the joy of your achievements, so send them an email to alert them to the honors your brand receives.

2. Product updates
Be sure your customers know about exciting new changes to your product or service. Let them know exactly what the changes are and most importantly, how these changes will (or won’t) affect them.

3. Happy birthday / anniversary
Is your business celebrating a company anniversary or other milestone? Virtually invite your customers to share in the fun.

4. Work for us, please.
Sometimes customers make the best employees. Why? They are already on board with your brand and can bring a unique set of talents to your brand. If you’re hiring, tell your customers and subscribers.

5. The President says, “Hi.”
Remember how exciting it was when Steve Jobs got on stage to announce upcoming products at Apple? Infuse that idea into your email marketing strategy by offering updates and thank you’s from your company’s CEO.

6. How-to videos
When you launch a new product, encourage your product team to put together a how-to video and include as a feature in your newsletter. Video is a great engagement driver.

7. Tip of the month
Let your clients experience the joy of exclusivity by sending out tips that only your newsletter subscribers receive. These tips can be specific to your product or be general tips for those who work in your field.

8. Deal of the day
Speaking of exclusivity, what better way to reward your loyal subscribers than by sending them discounts and deals via your newsletter?

9. Case studies
Newsletters should be more than just news. Inspire your customers by sending them your latest case studies. Case studies show how customers are leveraging your product to make positive changes.

10. Mobile app updates
It’s likely that your subscribers are also fans of your mobile app. Use your newsletter to remind subscribers that you have an app, then, offer updates about it.

11. What do you think?
Gauging customer happiness is the perfect way to use your subscriber list. Send out a survey or poll to learn from your customers.

12. Top 10 list
Top 10 lists make it easy for subscribers to digest information. Lists are a fun way to create engaging and entertaining content your subscribers will love.

13. Quoth the Raven
If Edgar Allen Poe had the internet, his email provider would probably be doing the quoting instead of a supernatural bird. Thankfully, you can send your subscribers inspiring quotes a more reliable way… via your newsletter.

14. Statistics and data
Include relevant statistics and data points in your newsletters as a surefire way to reassure your customers and prove your success.

Infographics are gaining traction as one of the most popular types of online content. Delight your customers with infographics that are personalized just for them.

16. Recommendations
Hate to break it to you, but sometimes it’s not all about you. Give your customers a time-out from all the talk about your company and offer up some third-party app recommendations they’ll be sure to enjoy.

17. Blog round-up
It’s difficult for even your most dedicated followers to keep up with all of your blog posts. Make it easy for them by sending a round-up newsletter full of your most popular posts.

18. Spotlights
Let your customers get to know your community. Showcase integral members of your team or customers that have benefited from your products and services by shining your newsletter spotlight on them.

19. Executive and celebrity interviews
Give your subscribers insight into the minds of the people behind the products— your executives and your team. Everyone can benefit from a thought-provoking interview.

20. Dear Abby
Do you have an expert at your company that can field customer questions? Let your customers write in with “Dear Abby” type questions and answer the top inquiries in your newsletter.

21. 5-star reviews
Have you had an influx of positive feedback from your customers lately? Now would be your chance to use a feedback email template to generate even more accolades. Don’t make your customers go searching for them, share them in your newsletter.

22. Customer paparazzi
Chances are, you have customers that have taken photos of your products or brand. Share the best ones with the rest of your subscribers in your latest updates.

23. Thank you, thank you
When it comes to your customers, donors, event attendees, etc. it’s always appropriate to send an email to say, “Thank you.”

24. FAQs
Rather than waiting for customers to email you with questions, anticipate their problems and send out a list of FAQs with thoughtful answers.

25. Educational resources
If you have any training opportunities available to customers, send them an update and let them know how to access your resources. They will love you for it.

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