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We surveyed over 300 Gen Z respondents to learn exactly how they engage with their favorite brands, from email to social media.

Our respondents ranged from 14 to 26 years of age, with 96.39% of them between the ages of 18 and 24.

Here’s everything you need to know about Gen Z to better connect with these consumers:

ultimate guide to marketing to Gen Z [infographic]

Fun facts:

  • Gen Z allegedly has the attention span of about 8 seconds, compared to the millennials’ 12. (Source: Forbes)
  • Actually, Gen Zers possess a sophisticated 8 second filter derived from growing up with massive amounts of information. (Source: Fast Company)
  • By 2020, Gen Z is expected to account for 40% of all consumers, with $44 billion in buying power. (Sources: Fast Company and
  • That number expands to $600 billion when you include their parents’ spending. (Source:
  • 65% of marketers planned to increase their spending on marketing to Gen Z during 2018. (Source: Statista)

Online habits:

How often are they online?

45% of teens say they’re online “almost constantly” and 44% say they’re online multiple times a day. (Source: Criteo)

Social media use:

Gen Z uses each social media channel differently:

They use Instagram to exhibit their aspirational lives.

They use Snapchat to share their daily lives.

They use Twitter to get the news.

They use Facebook for information. (Source: Response Media)

Gen Z’s favorite platforms:

YouTube: 85% use the platform, 32% use it most

Instagram: 72% use the platform, 15% use it most

Snapchat: 69% use the platform, 35% use it most (Source: Pew Research Institute)

Email use:

How often do they check their email?

58% check their email multiple times a day

23% check their email at least once a day

12.1% check their email a couple times a week

5.2% check their email only once a week

0.98% never check their email

How many emails are they receiving?

29.5% receive 1-5 emails a day

37.4% receive 6-20 emails a day

18% receive 21-50 emails a day

9.1% receive 51-100 emails a day

5% receive 100+ emails a day

How frequently should you email them?

31.8% like to hear from brands a couple times a week

27.5% like to hear from brands once a day

19% like to hear from brands once a week

18.4% like to hear from brands once a month

Why do they use email?

64.9% use email for personal communication

14.4% use email for work

19.3% use email for school

What factors influence whether or not they open their emails?

68% open emails for sales or offers

60% open emails for relevant content

36.1% open emails because of the personalized subject line

35.1% open emails because of the graphics, images, or branding

Buying habits:

How many times in the past month have they purchased something as a direct result of an email?

36.4% did not make a purchase last month

28.5% made 2-5 purchases last month

27.9% made 1 purchase last month

5.9% made 6-10 purchases last month

1% made 11+ purchases last month

How many times in the past month have they purchased something as a direct result of seeing it on social media?

33% made 1 purchase last month

29.8% did not make a purchase

29.5% made 2-5 purchases

5.2% made 6-10 purchases

1.6% made 11+ purchases


Which method do they prefer to engage with a brand?

1st: social media (1,591 votes)

2nd: (1,515 votes)

3rd: in-person (1,453 votes)

4th: ads (1,268 votes)

5th: chat (1,159 votes)

6th: blog (970 votes)

Are they loyal to brands?

42% claim to be brand conscious

55% claim they’ll stick to a brand they like (Source: Statista)

What kind of content does Gen Z like to receive?

82.3% want promos and special discounts

44.3% want product recommendations

26.6% want company updates

20.3% want links to blogs or resources

How many newsletters are you subscribed to?

39% subscribe to 1-5 email newsletters

37.5%, subscribe to 0 newsletters

17.4% subscribe to 6-20 newsletters

3.9% subscribe to 21-50 newsletters

1.6% subscribe to 51-100 newsletters

<1% subscribe to 100+ newsletters


Gen Z wants to connect with your company and your products. To engage this audience, be sure you:

  • Include video and stimulating images where you can
  • Foster a cult following by connecting with your Gen Z customers on a human level
  • Use next-level data tracking to deliver personalized experiences

Tap into this audience and you’ll cultivate a following of brand ambassadors who will be loyal to your brand for life.

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