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For email marketers, templates are one of the most valuable tools available. They help marketers save time without sacrificing the quality of their content. Email templates are useful for all types of campaigns, and they can also be helpful for capturing the essence of a company’s brand.

If you’re wondering how to create a branded email template, Campaign Monitor can help.

What is a branded email template?

Nearly every email marketer has used a template at some point. The idea behind them is clear, and their layout is formatted so you can easily fill in the information. With a well-designed starting point, you can create quality emails on a consistent basis. Campaign Monitor’s template library offers plenty of great options.

Branded templates are customized to a company’s brand identity.

This could mean that they include specific design choices, such as the placement of logos, and it could also mean that they stick with certain types of color schemes or image choices. Branded email templates are a step up from standard templates, as they help promote a company’s identity in every message sent.

How do you measure the efficiency of a branded email template?

Once you start using branded templates, you can see how your metrics change accordingly. After using branded templates for long periods of time, you may be able to see a noticeable change in your brand’s reputation. People may feel more comfortable engaging with it, and you may notice more overall engagement.

How do you create branded templates?

If you’ve got templates on hand, you may have wondered how to tweak them for branding purposes. Sometimes the changes may be minimal. Other times, you may find yourself overhauling major parts of the template. With Campaign Monitor’s drag-and-drop editor, you can do either.

Ideas for customizing templates

If you’re a marketer with thousands of people on your list, chances are you like to mix things up. Doing this can mean altering your email design and, thus, altering the placement of your branding elements. In some cases, you may customize a template by putting your logo in certain locations like the top or the corner. Other designs may call for these elements to be shifted around. With the drag-and-drop builder, you’ll never have to worry about starting from scratch.

Does it really matter?

It’s easy to think that branding doesn’t have much of an impact. If your template looks professional, how much are you really missing out on if it isn’t built with your brand in mind? The data is in, and branded content matters more than ever before.

A recent survey shows that 74.5% of marketers currently rely on branded content

It’s also worth noting that over two-thirds of marketers expect their clients to spend more on branded content in the future. Branded content makes customers feel a sense of familiarity. They’re more comfortable engaging, making branded emails better for ROI.

How about the world’s bigger brands? Are they turning to this strategy in their content? Take a look at how one of the biggest names in entertainment/media upped their approach to branded content in recent years.

How about the world’s bigger brands? Are they turning to this strategy in their content? Take a look at how one of the biggest names in entertainment/media upped their approach to branded content in recent years.

Source: Numerator

Branded emails are much easier to make with templates. Given the success of branded content in connecting with your audience, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using it. And, once you find your way around our drag-and-drop builder, it can become a canvas for your brand’s image.

What now?

Email templates are always useful. And what’s better than templates? Branded templates. Thanks to the intuitive design of our builder, you can easily customize templates to your brand’s image, making it much easier to convey your brand’s tone and image with every email. What’s more, it helps you streamline content creation, even while keeping every message brand-focused.

Ready to get started? Let’s talk about how to create promotion email templates, so you can customize them with brand elements for your next campaign.

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