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An email newsletter is one of the many email types that are used in digital and email marketing. These types of campaigns are designed to keep subscribers informed on what the brand’s doing, what new offers they may have coming up, or simply to help provide subscribers with new and relevant content.

In the internet age, marketers are utilizing email to send out their weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletters.

What are newsletter subscribers?

Before a digital marketing team can begin working on their next email newsletter, they need to focus in on their readers.

A newsletter subscriber is an audience member that has explicitly opted in to receive your content via email. Where newsletter content differs from other email campaign material is that it typically rounds up your other content for the reader.

That doesn’t mean you are sending out a mass email to everyone with everything you have for them in one long, drawn-out email.

Fitbit email newsletter

Source: Really Good Emails

Instead, look at the Fitbit example above: They split up the email into different content categories and picked top articles to share with their subscriber. This helps draw the subscriber in and, from there, they have access to all your other materials after they’ve clicked through to your website.

Creating a newsletter subscribers want to read

The process of creating a newsletter that subscribers want to read looks something like this:

  • Formulate ideas
  • Plan out content to help create an outline of the Newsletter
  • Create the content
  • Test using methods such as the A/B testing, you can send out test campaigns to see which pieces your test subscribers preferred. Once you know which performed better, you can send out the winning newsletter to the rest of your list

After you have completed the planning and content creation, it’s time to start the creation process for the newsletter.

After testing many newsletter methods, we’ve come up with a list of 11 must-have elements that digital marketing teams should have in their newsletters that will help draw readers in and keep their interests piqued:

  1. Must-click subject line
  2. Compelling preheader text
  3. Featured content at the top
  4. Eye-catching graphics throughout
  5. A well-organized layout
  6. Limited text
  7. Clear calls to action (CTAs)
  8. Minimal promotions (more educational content is key here)
  9. Social links
  10. Allow subscribers to choose their preferences
  11. Always provide an unsubscribe option

How to measure the success of your newsletter

When measuring the overall success of your email newsletter, you’ll want to monitor some key metrics through your marketing/analytic tools.

Some key metrics to watch include:

  • Open Rate: How many subscribers are actually opening the newsletter?
  • Click-Through Rate: How many subscribers are clicking on a link or CTA and visiting your site?
  • Unsubscribes: This shows how many subscribers are choosing to stop receiving your newsletters, indicating that they are unhappy with receiving them, for whatever reason

Do newsletter subscribers really matter?

Yes. Surveys have shown that a brand’s audience would prefer to receive email newsletters than receive updates via social media sites such as Facebook. In fact, 61% of consumers prefer to be contacted by brands through email.

What now?

Now it’s time to focus on planning out and creating that newsletter that your subscribers will want to read.

For more information, check out our 25 tips on creating a newsletter that subscribers will want to read.


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