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As an e-commerce website, you need to find the most effective marketing channels for reaching your audience and engaging with customers.

Email is the answer. Customers overwhelmingly prefer brands to contact them through email.

61% of people prefer email marketing over social media.

Not only that, but younger demographics spend over six hours each day checking their inboxes. Marketers can leverage these figures by integrating their email strategy with their overall e-commerce marketing strategy.

Thirty percent of Gen X and 39% of millennials check their email while using the bathroom.

Thirty percent of gen X and 39% of millennials check their email while using the bathroom.

Source: CNBC

Integrating email marketing with Shopify

With Campaignified for Shopify, you can seamlessly merge your Shopify email database with Campaign Monitor for easy access and availability. Using data pulled from Shopify, you can break your list up into segments based on different behaviors to create highly targeted campaigns.

Campaign Monitor for Shopify also allows you to integrate your data from both sources. You can take advantage of premade segments based on signup location, repeat visits, viewed products, and other activity-based information.

Why should you use email for your e-commerce website?

Integrating data at this level can help you nurture leads and engage current customers.

Since you’ll spend less time sorting through data and transporting it to your email database, you can spend more time creating highly personalized and targeted campaigns.

The information you send to leads and customers will also be much more relevant, since all of the data is current and comprehensive.

How to measure the results of your email marketing campaign

Log into your email service provider dashboard and decide which metrics you want to track. You can check

  • Metrics for all campaigns across all subscriber lists
  • Metrics for individual campaigns
  • Metrics for specific subscriber lists or subscriber segments

After you decide how to narrow your focus, you can measure the results of a specific campaign or list for numbers like:

  • Open rate: How many and which subscribers are opening your emails
  • Click rate: How many and which subscribers are clicking your CTAs and links
  • Conversions: How many subscribers completed an action through your email
  • Click-to-open rate: The number of unique clicks compared to opens—a helpful metric for engagement and effectiveness

Using this information, you can identify your most and least engaged subscribers across all platforms. You can also pinpoint areas of improvement. For example, if your open rate is lacking, you may want to optimize your subject lines. If your click rate is poor, you’d probably want to improve your copywriting.

Does it really matter?

Yes, email integration definitely matters for e-commerce websites.

Email marketing integration allows you to provide highly personalized content to your audience at a reasonable price. Plus, automated campaigns are easy to design and set up.

Integrating your Shopify or Magento website with Campaign Monitor can help you make the best use of your data for targeted marketing campaigns and improved customer relationships.

What now?

Now that you understand the potential behind integrating your e-commerce website with email, you can jump into action.

Identify some goals for your email strategy and create a campaign for each goal. Consider automated customer journeys. You can build an email strategy with personalized content that your subscribers can’t wait to open.

Are you interested in learning more about automation, triggered campaigns, and customer journeys? Read this Campaign Monitor guide to understand how customer journeys work.

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