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These days, it isn’t odd for the average person to have multiple email accounts and receive dozens of messages between them per day. Those who use email for professional purposes, may have dozens of accounts and get hundreds—or even thousands—of messages a day.

How many email users are there in 2019?

But what’s the total number of email users in 2019? People create and delete accounts every day, so it’s hard to determine an exact figure. However, we can peg the total number of email users in 2019 at approximately 3 billion.

How do you measure the number of active email users?

There are a few different ways email marketers and industry analysts gather data about total user volume. Some of these ways are more popular than others, largely because they rely on the growth of the industry over time.

Given the growing popularity of email marketing, some claim the growth predictions may actually be below accurate totals. However, these conservative estimates hold a lot of importance for email marketing.

One way to measure the number of active email users is to go by trends from previous years. These trends show email’s popularity continuing to grow into 2020, and it could be safely assumed the same growth will continue beyond this point.

One way to measure the number of active email users is to go by trends from previous years.

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We can also measure email marketing’s impact by gauging the number of businesses using it. While email is hugely popular for personal communication, it’s also one of the main tools businesses use for communication.

Email ranks in third place for the most influential sources of information among B2B audiences.

The number of total emails sent and received by businesses is expected to grow beyond 319 billion by 2021.

Email activity can also be measured by looking at the total number of users on the world’s leading email platforms. This metric may not provide a total figure that is completely accurate, but it does give people an idea of how many people are using email overall.

Does the total number of email users really matter?

For email marketers, there are many important metrics and totals to keep track of. Some would say the total number of email users in the world isn’t really that important overall, at least when compared to other data about how email is used.

The total number of email users has one important purpose. For email marketers, it helps them showcase the value of their services to prospective clients. As email grows, the potential for ROI grows as well.

Email’s potential goes beyond just the number of users out there. The importance of knowing how big the email user base lies in how that number is used. For example, more users mean more potential, but it can also mean more work is needed to get the right email to the right person.

This is where tools like segmentation, automation, and A/B testing come in handy. As marketers see the total number of active email users increasing, they can adapt their efforts to improve the quality of emails sent.

What now?

Email usage isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Until the next best communication medium comes along, email usage will likely continue to grow and provide a great tool for any determined marketer.

  • There are around 3 billion active email users in 2019
  • Email is one of the most popular business tools out there
  • The number of email users is important for marketers to know for quality purposes

More email users mean more potential for marketers, but also more work. Knowing the value of smart email tools is more important than ever.

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