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Email marketing is a field ripe for new recruits. There are thousands of companies looking to hire qualified, engaging, and energetic people ready to take on the task of marketing for them through email.

Statistics show this field continues to grow, despite all the hype of social media, and more and more companies are looking for good marketers to join their team.

What is email marketing?

The essence of email marketing is using e-mail as a tool for developing relationships with possible clients and customers. It’s also used to promote services and products. Company updates, product information, sales and deals, and news are all a part of email marketing.

What does an email marketer do?

Those who do email marketing are called email marketers. The duties for this include tasks such as running marketing campaigns, the creation of regular newsletters and managing the email database used for marketing purposes.

A more in-depth list of tasks that an email marketer might perform includes:

  • Write and design email marketing campaigns that promote services and products
  • Develop individualized personalization strategies for all clients
  • Design and tweak mobile-friendly messages
  • Create lead generation databases
  • Eliminate non-deliverable email accounts and opt-outs
  • Create persuasive calls-to-action and email promotions and messages
  • Follow-up on responses from interested parties
  • Clearly communicate the message of each client on a regular basis
  • Create email campaigns from statistical analysis through up-to-date statistics
  • Input data and monitor secure databases

How important is email marketing in today’s world?

91% of internet users check their email daily while only 57% check Facebook and 14% check Twitter. This means that email marketing is significantly more effective in capturing the first look from users over social media. Other statistics in ROI and click-through engagement support the continued need for email marketing further, especially as privacy becomes more and more important to today’s consumers.

Is email marketing a good field for a job?

There are loads of job listings all over the internet for email marketing. If you enjoy this kind of work and have the right skill-set, email marketing could be an ideal fit.

How to find email marketing jobs

The best way to find the right email marketing job is to combine your other skills and interests with work. For example, if you have a strong interest and experience in outdoor sports, you are a prime candidate for outfitter companies that are seeking email marketers. Or if you’re a pet lover, look for jobs with pet care companies that need to hire marketers.

When you apply for these positions, be sure to emphasize both your abilities in marketing and your interests and experience with the type of product/company that you’re applying with.

How much do email marketers earn?

According to Glassdoor, email marketers average nearly $61,000 per year in the United States. This will vary upon your region and the size of the company you work with.

What next?

There are multiple jobs in the business world that anyone might find interesting and fulfilling. One of those could be email marketing. It takes the right personality, interest, and determination to succeed, so there are a few things to consider before making the leap.

First, review job listings for specific companies and positions. If any of these spark something in you, this may well be a field worth considering.

If your initial interest grows as you study the ins and outs of email marketing as a career, try communicating with others who work in the field and ask questions to learn more about what you might excel at in the industry.

Finally, start applying. Many times, companies see the energy and drive along with the skills to determine whether someone might work well in this field. You may find yourself able to work in an entry-level position where you can grow and learn and increase your skills in a short time-frame, or depending on your history; you may be hired to a higher-level position more immediately.


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