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Technology moves so fast, it seems as soon as you get the mastery of one tech tool in your business, it’s made obsolete soon after.

But some technology evolves while some technology becomes outdated: Those outdated technologies are being replaced, but the evolving ones are being improved.

Is email marketing still relevant?

Email marketing falls solidly into the second category. Even though email has existed in some form since the internet became a basic part of everyday life, it’s still growing and improving. Email marketing is not only still relevant, but it’s more popular than ever.

How can we measure the presence of email marketing as an efficient business tool, and how relevant is it in the modern business tech landscape?

How to measure the success of email marketing

When it comes to whether or not email marketing is still growing in 2019, you have to look at its success.

Most marketers still believe in email marketing—53%, to be exact. And, given that nearly half of all customers like to receive brand emails, email is clearly not on the way out.

There are more options out there than ever before for customizing your email platforms and personalizing your content. This shows us that email isn’t slipping in popularity. It’s becoming more viable, and marketers have only scratched the surface of what it can accomplish.

Around the world, the most popular companies continue to rely on email to inform customers, extend offers to them, and keep in touch.

When you’re looking to measure your own email marketing efforts, there are quite a few metrics to focus on.

For instance, how many recipients are opening the emails? How many are engaging and following a call to action? And, beyond this, how successful is email marketing compared to other strategies like social media or SEO?

Once you know how to track email marketing growth through specific markets, you may find it has more potential than you’re currently seeing.

Does it matter?

There are so many tools out there that can prove useful in helping companies with their marketing efforts.

The primary advantage to focusing on email is that it is still popular and simply requires the right plan. Unlike social media or other marketing mediums, email is something nearly everyone uses and allows you to reach a broad audience.

Whether you’re looking to reach out to more new people, find leads among current subscribers, or help current leads complete transactions, emails are a great tool to use.

As email marketing continues to grow, utilizing it will be even more important. It will help you stay on the cusp of marketing developments and enjoy the returns that come with it.

What now?

Email marketing continues to grow and evolve. It’s as relevant as ever and is a great tool for organizations of all sizes to use.

Once you understand just how effective email marketing can be, you’ll see the value in developing your own efforts.

Move past the myths about email dying, and you’ll see its growth and potential. Once you follow along with that potential, it is easy to begin seeing the results.

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