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Email marketing is a key component of most successful marketing programs.

Full-featured email marketing software will help you not only execute compelling campaigns, but enhance and improve after each send.

What is email marketing software?

Email marketing software is a type of online platform marketers use to not only conduct their email marketing campaigns, but monitor how successful they are.

The best email marketing software does more than simply send emails. Marketers use email marketing software to generate and segment contact lists, design email content, and analyze campaign results.

When you’re choosing email marketing software, you need to take into account both what the software offers and your specific needs. Consider these factors:

  • Features—Look for features such as customizable email templates, easy-to-use email design, and mailing list management. Most software also includes a variety of post-campaign reports.
  • Analytics—What kind of analysis and reporting is offered? How much can you track, how much is tracked automatically, and how easy is it to view the data?
  • Integration—Can you easily connect the email marketing software with your existing CRM, retail store, or accounting platforms?
  • Ease of use—How long will it take you to learn? It shouldn’t take you long to complete a campaign, and you definitely shouldn’t feel a sense of dread at logging in.
  • Support—If you need help, what kind of customer support is available?

What is the best email marketing software?

If email marketing is essential to you, you need a platform that offers robust features in an approachable form. Marketers agree that the following companies offer the best email marketing software today.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is among the most popular email platforms. It offers robust list management and customer segmentation, reporting and analysis, as well as marketing automation. You also get mobile-ready email templates that can be customized in minutes using the drag-and-drop email builder.

Campaign Monitor also provides built-in design testing, and integrations with hundreds of apps. In addition, the platform has rich reporting capabilities and the ability to create personalized customer journeys.

Campaign Monitor also provides built-in design and spam testing and seamless integration with multiple apps. In addition, the software has rich reporting capabilities and the ability to create personalized customer journeys.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact has provided an email marketing platform for more than 20 years. Its suite of tools includes mobile-optimized email templates and segmented contact management. You also get integration with multiple apps and real-time reporting. See how Constant Contact compares to Campaign Monitor here.


GetResponse is an email marketing software for small businesses. It includes flexible email templates and an easy-to-use email creator. You also get contact management and campaign tracking. See how GetResponse compares to Campaign Monitor here.


Mailchimp is a simple CRM that many companies use to design and send email campaigns, as well as manage contacts, send postcards, and set up ads. Mailchimp imports existing contacts into your choice of templates for mailing and offers post-campaign analytics. See how Mailchimp compares to Campaign Monitor here.

Does it really matter?

There’s a reason why more than half of all companies use email marketing software: It makes it easier to generate successful results.

Choosing the best email marketing software makes a huge difference in your email marketing. The right email marketing software will make your life easier by automating many processes. It’ll help you better target your contact list and produce more effective emails and campaigns.

The wrong software leaves more work in your own hands and produces less-than-optimal results. In addition, you can pay too much for software that offers features you don’t need or pay too little and not get the features you want. The best email marketing software offers the right features for your email marketing needs.

What now?

When you want to generate better results with less work, it’s time to employ email marketing software. The best email marketing software helps you plan and target your email campaigns and design perfect emails with personalized content. It’ll also automate your mailings and track your results. Check out the email marketing software discussed here and select the one that best meets your needs.

Looking for more? Check out this list of 10 must-have features for your email marketing software.

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