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With Campaign Monitor, you can sign up for free. In trial mode, you have access to any tools necessary to help you start designing beautiful, mobile-optimized HTML emails immediately.

While in a trial, you’re limited to only five emails per campaign. However, you can start sending campaigns to up to 500 unique email addresses starting at $9 per month.

When is it best? Sign up for the free version of Campaign Monitor when:

  • You’re testing out your first campaign.
  • You want an easy drag-and-drop email builder.
  • You’re exploring email service providers to determine the best fit for you.

How to measure the cheapest provider

While the cheapest providers are the free ones, take into consideration the value this service is giving you. Ask yourself:

  1. Does this method have the potential to meet future needs when my business grows?
  2. Am I getting the support I need to do email marketing successfully?
  3. Does this email service provider have strong deliverability rates?
  4. What personalization abilities are available?

Does it really matter?

Using the right tools for your business and email campaigns is essential to their success.

Personalized emails get opened six times more than others.

Choosing the right methods for bulk personalized email is paramount, not just from the perspectives of design and ease of use, but from a marketing perspective as well. Are you getting what you need out of this tool?

What now?

Now that we’ve armed you with some thoughts about bulk email methods and personalization, take a moment to dive deeper into personalization and email design.

Read about how personalization has changed in marketing over the past two years. Also, review our checklist for really good email designs and our gallery of successful campaigns.

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