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We have some exciting news to share about the future of Campaign Monitor.

From the beginning, our goal at Campaign Monitor has been to make powerful technology accessible to marketing teams of any size. Today, I am excited to announce that we’ve made a huge leap forward to deliver on that promise. We have welcomed two new email brands into the Campaign Monitor family: Emma and Delivra.

With Emma and Delivra, we can now address a wide range of email marketing needs. As a family of brands, Campaign Monitor companies are dedicated to providing our customers with the tools to create meaningful connections with their audience. Together, we’ve united around three core values:

1. Delivering a suite of solutions to simplify the email market.

Now, with multiple products in our suite of email solutions, we’re able to double down on solving the problems that matter most to our customers, while also giving them a path to move into other solutions as their marketing sophistication grows and their business needs change.

2. Building professional yet accessible products to help marketers and their businesses grow.

Our brands have always been dedicated to delivering powerful but easy-to-use products. Now, with our combined resources, we’ll be able to expand those efforts and find elegant ways to solve our customers’ toughest marketing challenges.

3. Providing the human support and expertise our customers need, every step of the way.

While passion and care for the individuals on the other side of the screen or phone is something that often gets overlooked in the tech world, our customers say our emphasis on human connection is one of the primary reasons why they choose us over other digital marketing tools.

As a family of brands, our focus on customer support and success has only gotten stronger. Now, we have an even broader range of expertise to tap into and use to support our customers.

Wrap Up

All of our future investments will be centered around helping our customers do more with less, helping brands drive more engagement and revenue from email, and helping marketers of every level grow as professionals.

Ultimately, the most important thing we share is our dedication to our customers. They’re heart and center of everything we do, and we know that by bringing these three brands together, we will only amplify that commitment.

Welcome to the new Campaign Monitor family—we couldn’t be more excited!

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