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I’m very excited to announce the launch of a brand new initiative from the Campaign Monitor team. Today we’re pulling the curtains back on Email Stats and Reports, a brand new resource aimed at making use of the mountains of email marketing data we’ve been capturing over the last five years.

Email client usage for February 2009

The first report is called Email Client Popularity and we think it’s pretty cool. To date, figuring out which email clients are popular has been nothing more than guesswork. Our new email client report launched last month changed all that. In the largest study of its kind ever undertaken, we analyzed more than 250 million opens over the last 6 months to give a birds eye view of email client popularity and usage trends over time. Head on over to the new stat center now and check out the report.

Trends over the last 6 months

While it’s always interesting to see which email clients are popular right now, looking at how usage changes over time is where this report really starts to shine. For example, you can see as Outlook 2007 usage starts to increase, older versions are starting to become less popular. Web-based email providers are continuing to grab market share, as are Apple’s key clients Apple Mail 3 and the iPhone.

Movers and shakers

This report was my personal favorite. By comparing how market share changes over time, we can highlight which email clients are growing and shrinking the fastest.

Movers and Shakers

Its clear that Apple is setting the pace holding the top 3 spots for the fastest growing email clients (iPod Touch, iPhone 2.0 and then Apple Mail 3). The fact that iPhone 1.0 and Apple Mail 2 are the fastest shrinking email clients also shows just how quickly Apple users are upgrading to the latest and greatest.

Just the beginning

We’ll be updating this report each month with the latest figures so you can all keep an eye on where the trends are heading. We’re also continuing to refine our reports to better identify all email clients (e.g. we’re currently working on a better way to track different versions of Lotus Notes). We’ve also got a number of other reports we think you’ll find useful, and will have more news on them soon.

A quick caveat

While we’ve put a lot of work into accurately detecting which email clients are being used, this report is not without its limitations. The client being used can only be detected if images are displayed. This can give an inflated weighting to email clients that display images by default, such as Outlook 2000 and the iPhone. It will also provide a lesser weighting to those that block images by default such as Gmail and Outlook 2007.

This certainly doesn’t impact how usage is changing over time, but it does mean we can’t guarantee the exact market share percentage is spot on the money. It’s also important to remember that while this sweeping report is interesting to know, every list is different, so the only way to really know which email clients you should be designing for is to send them a campaign and check the report.

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