• Jaina

    Totally agree on a point in your closing statement “Once they’ve subscribed, it’s your job to deliver” – I feel like there are a lot of companies out there who take their subscribers for granted. Once they have them in they ply them with poor offers and content that’s just not well put together. Treat your subscribers!

  • Emma Siemasko

    Hi Jaina, thanks for reading! There’s a lot of talk out there about getting subscribers, but it’s how you treat them that really matters. They’re subscribing for a reason, so it’s important to deliver what you’ve promised.

  • Emma Siemasko

    Glad you enjoyed it, Niraj. Thanks for reading.

  • Gabriel Espósito

    “90% choose to receive email newsletters, whereas only 10% want updates on Facebook.” I clicked on the link and saw that the article is from 2010. Isn’t a old data for this affirmation?

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