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  • Vincent TSR

    I am surprised that this blog post title indicates you were surprised by the findings about email frequency being top of the hate list :-)

  • Tim Watson

    The post makes some great points and the question of frequency is highly brand and audience specific, it’s complex question with no one size fits all.

    The ReturnPath data is indeed interesting and well worth the read. I took that dataset and computed what the optimal send frequency would be. The answer was 6.21 emails/week.

    Full details of why that data gives this frequency figure are documented here http://www.zettasphere.com/email-frequency-send-sweet-spot-is-6-emails-per-week/. The method to find an optimal frequency can be calculated by a brand too. Just to back up the data it includes another real world client case study with graphs over time to show impact of a frequency increase.

    I do feel that studies that ask someone what causes them to mark an email as spam, with a choice of ‘too many emails’ is almost certain to get that as the most popular answer. Who doesn’t get too many emails? Full stop.

    But the issue is the question context, this is already about emails that the customer considers spam. It needs a survey question ‘for brands that send you 4 emails per week, why don’t you mark them as spam’. Because there are many brands sending such a frequency, especially in fashion, that are not seeing their emails marked as spam. Frequency is not the issue per se.

    Or how about this for a survey question ‘for emails you mark as spam, if you received the same content but less often would it make them more relevant, higher quality and value’?

  • Kim

    Thanks for reading and commenting Tim! You are correct about the intention of the survey that is cited in the article and that there is no one size fits all answer to this question. Cheers and thanks for reading!

  • Matt

    I get maybe a 15-20 different promos/newsletters. Anything over 2-3 times a week is too much. Even the ones that are just news (guardian/mic) every day is just too much. And they even put the same stories in the 2-3 days in a row. When I get something 2-5 times a month, I’ll usually put more time into the email and check things out, but when it comes every day, its just a quick scroll and delete. And open rates – meaningless – I use Thunderbird. When I delete the message before it, I automatically go to the next message, and its opened. Even if I don’t read it, at the time, its considered opened. I have a feeling that they see that I open all the emails, and think I want more, and keep increasing the frequency until I unsubscribe. I used to get Target emails 1-2 times a week, and now its every day. I went to the website and there is two options. Gets tons of emails or none at all. Please give me an option for getting less.

  • Eayana. com

    It’s kinda surprising blog post, though sending email is one of the main tool of marketing products/items online but, others hate this kind of approach.http://eayana.com/blog/ Maybe it depends how you present your marketing approach

  • Furqan Rizwan

    Very informative

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