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An email newsletter is probably the most versatile way to stay in touch with your readers. Between sharing news, making announcements, and reaching out for help, newsletters can be molded into just about anything.

Since newsletters truly can take on a variety of different shapes and provide readers with such a variety of different content, we’ve decided to compile a list of 35 amazing newsletter examples to help guide you in the creation process.

35 of the best email newsletter examples we’ve ever seen

With that, let’s first take a look at some award-winning email newsletters.

1. CNN’s 5 Things

As far as newsletters go, marketers simply can’t go wrong with curated news on top trending topics. In CNN’s 5 Things newsletter, they take the top 5 morning news stories that they believe “you must know” and send them directly to your inbox.

CNN's 5 Things is one of our favorite email newsletters.

2. Lily Lines

Lily Lines is a twice-weekly newsletter about women—if it’s noteworthy, unconventional, or just heartwarming, this newsletter will provide you with it all Mondays and Thursdays. This is a great example of a newsletter curated for a specific demographic in mind.

Lily Lines newsletter best email

3. The Daily 202 by The Washington Post

The Daily 202 provides readers with “must-read” news, and the Washington Post does a great job of curating top scoops for readers on the go.

The Daily 202 is a fanstastic newsletter.

4. BuzzFeed’s Email Newsletters

Buzzfeed is an excellent example of a newsletter for everyone, so it’s really no wonder why they’re a multi-webby winner. They allow readers to customize what types of content they’d like to receive, and, once they’ve done that, they’ll be sent the best BuzzFeed has to offer.

Buzzfeed News is one of our favorite email newsletters in circulation.


5. Refinery29

Refinery29 is another example of something for everyone, as they provide different topic categories for people who want to see the best in health, living, entertainment, and more.

Refinery29 newsletter

Curated news is always a great option for those wanting a generic newsletter that can fit the needs of a larger audience. However, there are many other types of newsletters that marketing teams should consider, especially if they’re in more unique niches.

6. The Moz Top 10

SEO giant, Moz, sends out a semimonthly email newsletter that shares 10 of the most valuable articles about SEO and online marketing that digital marketers are sure to find of value. Even better, they don’t stick strictly to their own content, choosing to curate the best they can for their readers.

The Moz Top 10 email newsletter

Source: Moz

7. Firefox

Firefox does a nice job of informing their readers on how to stay safe while online. They even provide readers with the option to head to their website to “learn more.” This not only benefits the reader, but Firefox as well, which will see an increase in traffic.

Firefox's email newsletter is a great example of email marketing newsletter best practices.

Source: Really Good Emails

8. 1973 Ltd

The following example by 1973 Ltd provides a variety of tips and advice based on hot topics from December through the month of January. Not only are they informing readers of changes that’ve been made, but they’re keeping them informed on what’s to come.

This email newsletter is a great example of email marketing newsletter best practices.

Source: Really Good Emails

9. FandangoNOW

FandangoNOW does an excellent job of listing top movie titles to its users. The design is simple to digest and gets to the point so readers can take in the titles, consider them, and move on with their day.

FandangoNOW has a great email newsletter.

Source: FandangoNOW

10. Rise and Shine

reBloom provided readers with a bit of information on two topics that could help them get better sleep in their newsletter Rise and Shine. However, instead of giving readers all the information, they gave them a little bit of information, then led them to call-to-action buttons to learn more on each topic.

This email newsletter is a great example of email marketing newsletter best practices.

Source: Milled

Tips are great for a newsletter, but, when it comes to supplying readers with a solution, many subscribers turn to a brand newsletter for information on new projects or updates to existing products.

11. CIB Communications

This example of a “what’s new” newsletter was awarded the title of “weird” yet revolutionary by Awwwards. CIB Communications’ communication sticks out not only because of its dark design, but how it works with the overall tone of the message. It also works as a way to inform readers what’s been going on behind the scenes.

A great email newsletter by CIB Communications

Source: CIB Communications

12. Unsplash

One of the newsletters that Unsplash sends out is a selection of curated images that the brand thinks will best suit their readers.

Unsplash has a great email newsletter.

Source: Unsplash

13. is a unique newsletter that tries to cater to their reader’s needs by displaying content in three different tiers—short, mid, and long. This allows readers to pick the material that they want to read and by making it varying lengths means can either take their time to read it or consume a quick snippet. offers an awesome email newsletter to subscribers.


14. Wirecutter

This newsletter is an excellent example of how to introduce a new product/service while still providing valuable information. Wirecutter took the time to introduce their new “lists” while still giving readers a taste of how these “lists” would provide value.

email newsletter from Wirecutter

Source: Really Good Emails

15. Racked

Some newsletters take it to a whole different level by truly combining digestible content into a shopping experience. While shopping is always great, newsletters can take product information to the next level by offering users a deeper look into what the brand has to offer. This can be done in several different ways like bringing guides straight to the reader via a newsletter instead of just a quick sentence with an included link.

Email newsletter from Racked

Source: Email Tuna

16. Stylist Live

This newsletter not only gives readers a taste of Style Live’s beauty and fashion information, but they also dive in to provide readers with various guides on what to eat for mind/body balance and calming practices.

This is a great email newsletter from Stylist Live.

Source: Really Good Emails

17. Trunk Club

Much like the previous example, the Trunk Club combines shopping with a nifty shopping guide. Trunk Club goes ahead and provides readers with a summer guide to office wear, perfect for those who have to stick to certain dress codes while in the workplace.

Trunk Club sends a great email newsletter.

Source: Pinterest

18. Fizzle

This is another unique take on a newsletter because Fizzle tries to keep the reader in their inbox instead of directing them all over the place. In other words, Fizzle brings their content directly to subscribers so that they don’t have to click on links unless they truly want to dive deeper into the topic.

A great email newsletter from Fizzle

Source: Fizzle

19. Scribendi

Scribendi does things a little differently by offering readers a short glimpse into what information they have—information that leaves them wanting more and likely to click on that CTA.

Scribendi sends a great email newsletter.

Source: Milled

20. Tock

Tock was a one-stop shop when it came to learning where to celebrate the New Year. Their guide provided readers with important information upfront while allowing them to click-through for more details.

Tock has a great email newsletter

Source: Really Good Emails

21. Brain Pickings

This newsletter is delivered every Sunday morning and delves into topics that appeal to a wide audience, including art, science, design, philosophy, psychology, and creativity.

Brain Pickings offers a great email newsletter.

Source: Brain Pickings

22. The Daily Dose

The idea behind The Daily Dose is to provide readers with fresh stories and bold ideas daily. Topics range quite a bit and depend on what’s hot for the day.

The Daily Dose from Ozy is a great email newsletter.

Source: Really Good Emails

23. Apple’s News Spotlight

This newsletter, much like other “news spotlight” emails takes five “must read” stories and provides them to Apple’s subscribers. What we like about this one, however, is that they aren’t afraid to curate and share news stories from other top outlets, and they do so in a very minimalistic fashion.

Apple offers a great email newsletter for their News Spotlight.

Source: Really Good Emails

24. The Girlfriend

The Girlfriend is a weekly newsletter by AARP for women ages 40+ and provides a variety of information such as hot trends, health goals, and how to deal with your kids and bosses. A little bit of everything for Gen X women.

The Girlfriend is a great email newsletter from AARP.

Source: Really Good Emails

25. GameSpot

This newsletter gives gamers a little bit of everything, from deals to trending news in the gaming/fandom industry and more.

GameStop offers a great email newsletter for their biggest fans.

Source: Email Tuna

Another format that newsletters can take on is the “save the date,” or another form of important announcement.

26. Uber

Uber decided to have a little fun and partner up with Magnum Ice cream to offer free ice cream delivery to participating areas with the help of their Uber drivers.

Uber offers a great email newsletter.

Source: Pinterest

27. Think!

This example by Think! sticks out because of the overall design concept. The bight use of colors is enough to attract the reader’s attention, but then the use of imagery (the paper and pencil) give readers a true feel of “education,” which is the purpose of this newsletter. It’s also worth noting that it, too, won mention as a revolutionary newsletter by Awwwards.

This email newsletter from Think! is a great example to copy.

Source: Square Holes

28. General Assembly

What we really liked about General Assembly’s newsletter is that it provides valuable dates and allows users to RSVP to upcoming workshops, and they do it in a very minimalistic fashion.

General Assembly sends a fantastic email newsletter.

Source: General Assembly Boston

29. Shillington

Shillington’s newsletter does a great job of announcing the Graduate Exhibition while providing important details and student’s thoughts of the event.

A great email newsletter from Shillington.

Source: Really Good Emails

Newsletters are often utilized to reach out to subscribers who want to help the public and even the world. Many nonprofits use newsletters to ask for help while keeping those who actively participate informed on what’s going on within the organizations.

30. UNICEF: New Zealand

In this example by UNICEF, readers are brought up to speed before the nonprofit asks them to continue their donations to help children in need.

UNICEF knows a great email newsletter can keep donations coming in year round.

Source: Campaign Monitor

31. charity: water

Charity: water does a beautiful job with their newsletters because they not only trigger the reader’s emotions, but they provide a ton of good news, too. In this example, instead of simply asking for donations, they go ahead and offer up reasons why their donations matter.

32. Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park

This newsletter is great because the simple design helps keep the readers informed on the park, what events may be held, and allows readers to learn more information and connect with them on social media.

Four Freedoms Park sends a great email newsletter to keep readers in the know.

Source: Really Good Emails

33. World Vision

This newsletter update is unique in that it provides an “emergency update” for readers—not the typical weekly or monthly effort updates that nonprofits generally send.

World Vision keeps readers up to date with a great email newsletter.

Source: Liveclicker

34. parkrun

This nonprofit sends a variety of content to their subscribers. In many of their newsletters, they feature a story of those that sponsor their charity and participates in the weekly runs.

Parkrun offers a regional email newsletter that you should check out.

Source: Campaign Monitor

35. Campaign Monitor

Forgive the self-promotion, but we offer a newsletter that performs well and looks great. Our branding in our emails matches the branding across our platforms and website, making our newsletter—and thus our brand—easily recognizable.

We also ensure our emails have a clear hierarchy that makes it easy to digest at a glance.

Campaign Monitor sends an awesome email newsletter that keeps our readers apprised of our best content, if we do say so ourselves.

Source: Campaign Monitor

Wrap up

There you have it, 35 stunning email newsletter examples that simply took our breath away. There truly is no end to what a newsletter can look like and include. However, you want to keep these tips in mind during your creation process.

Your newsletter should:

  • Be informative
  • Include a CTA for readers to act on
  • Create a sense of emotion and not be dull
Want to learn why email newsletters should be a part of your digital marketing strategy? Then make sure you check out our blog on the topic!
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