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Spring is one of the best seasons for starting fresh, experiencing good weather, and sending emails.

Now that the bustle of winter has passed, it’s an excellent opportunity for email marketers to freshen up spring email campaigns and convert customers who are ready for the new season.

Spring emails include more than just celebrating the warm weather. Spring also incorporates holidays like Earth Day, Mother’s Day, and more and is a great time to focus on running promotions and product updates that’ll drive revenue for your brand.

Are you looking for some seasonal email inspiration? Let’s take a look at why you need to begin planning your spring email calendar and a few ideas to get you started.

Why are seasonal emails different from traditional emails?

Seasonal emails are different from transactional or welcome emails because they’re based on a theme that most people can relate to.

These emails also tend to generate about 10% more revenue than traditional emails, as you have many different opportunities to reach out to your subscribers.

Springtime offers so many possibilities for both brands and consumers alike. For brands, you’re able to capitalize on a myriad of holidays and national observances that are often huge revenue-drivers. Besides the obvious holidays like Easter and Memorial Day, you can also have a little fun with themes like:

  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Ramadan
  • Father’s Day
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Star Wars Day
  • International Yoga Day
  • Hug Your Cat Day
  • Fat Tuesday
  • Tax Day
  • Flag Day
  • May Flowers
  • World Health Day

This can give subscribers the opportunity to change their lifestyle, take on a new hobby, or renovate a home project. How will they be inspired to challenge their day-to-day? Your emails. Take advantage of the themes listed above and showcase how your company niche fits in.

Spring email best practices

Before you check out the seasonal email inspiration ideas, you must know how to create a campaign that spikes your subscriber’s attention.

Segment your emails based on location.

While most people can relate to springtime holidays and themes, that doesn’t mean you can forget about personalization. Your subscribers are all different, not just in characteristics but also in location, technology, and behavior.

Learn how to segment your list by watching the video below:


As an email marketer, you need to understand those differences and tailor your content to their needs. After all, the average person receives 121 emails a day. How will you stand out in a cluttered inbox?

For your springtime campaigns, utilize email segmentation based on your subscriber’s location to increase your open and click-through rates. Location segmentation allows you to customize your content a little deeper, so your subscribers feel special and more apt to engage with your content.

For example, if you’re a travel company, you can send a newsletter highlighting the best Mother’s Day brunch locations within the local region of your subscriber. Or B2C retailers could offer a promotion based on refreshing their wardrobe to enjoy a local beach.

Get the full localization guide here.

Utilize fresh email design and imagery.

Spring is the perfect time to take a look at your current email design and find ways to refresh it with upcoming trends. While you need to stay within your brand standards, you’ll also want to find ways to entertain and delight your customers.

The more engaging emails you create, the more likely your subscribers will continue to open future communications.

Consider the following 2020 email design trends you can implement:

By “spring cleaning” your email design, you’ll be able to keep up with design trends and surprise your subscribers with a new look.

Learn to Marie Kondo your inbox.

Offer springtime incentives.

If you’re looking to ramp up your spring emails, include an incentive that helps convert your subscribers into customers. Why are incentives beneficial?

Eighty percent of consumers will purchase from a new brand if they receive a discount code, and 66% of consumers are influenced to impulse buy with a discount code.

You can include the following incentives in your spring emails:

  • Bonus reward points
  • Coupons
  • Free shipping
  • Gift with purchase
  • Free month subscription

Incentive emails help connect with your subscribers during a new season where consumers are ready for a change. With the right incentive, you’re able to increase your ROI and improve email engagement with your audience.

5 seasonal email inspiration ideas for your brand

Now that you know how to develop engaging seasonal emails, it’s time to take a look at a few veteran brands who’ve mastered spring communication. These seasonal email inspirational ideas will help you kick-start your campaign and drive revenue to your brand.

1. Apple: Mother’s Day

Subject line: Celebrate Mom with Apple gifts.

The Mother’s Day email from Apple is aesthetically pleasing with a muted color palette that instantly feels warm and inviting.

This email is effective because it provides three product options for the subscriber to purchase—iPad Pro, Apple Watch, and BeatsX Earphones—and includes unique content focused on how the product provides a solution your mom needs.

The email showcases a CTA at the beginning of the email, so the subscriber immediately knows what to expect, which likely produces a higher conversion rate.

At the bottom of the email, Apple goes a step farther by offering free two-day shipping, store pick-up, and special financing to help the subscriber purchase a Mother’s Day gift.

Mother’s Day email by Apple

Source: Really Good Emails

2. Packlane: Easter

Subject line: Are you ready to spring into action this Easter? ?

Packlane takes advantage of the upcoming Easter holiday by reminding subscribers to design a custom box. An excellent aspect of this email is Packlane’s use of creative copy and play-on words for the holiday.

For example, “eggs-cellent” and “eggs-cuse” are fun ways to grab the subscriber’s attention and drive them to the “start designing” CTA. The email also offers an Easter-themed blog post about branding for an extra added value.

Packlane pictures two separate box designs that help illustrate how a company could create an Easter-themed campaign. This showcases not only the product, but also Packlane’s ability to demonstrate their holiday versatility.

 Easter Email for Custom Boxes by Packlane

Source: Really Good Emails

3. Food52: Spring Cleaning

Subject line: 20 small-but-mighty spring cleaning projects you can tackle in 5 minutes

Spring is notorious for being the season of cleaning. After a long winter of shut windows and snowshoes, nothing is better than finally opening your windows and organizing your home.

Food52 offers multiple resources regarding spring cleaning, including; a “get tidy” checklist, cleaning product recommendations, and a cross-sell knife holder to help their customers stay organized.

What’s great about this email is that there’s so much valuable content and multiple conversion points for the reader to click through.

Not only are there multiple blogs, but Food52 also includes a product recommendation from the Creative Director with a “shop now” CTA to promote additional sales. The resources keep subscribers opening the emails, but the products land the sale and earn customer loyalty.

Food52 Spring Cleaning email

Source: Really Good Emails

4. Plated: Spring Eats

Subject line: Meet your new spring favorites ?

Another advantage of the spring season is all the fresh produce that’s suddenly ripe and available. The moment you open this email from Plated, you’re greeted with brightly colored spring vegetables that the company gives extra details on regarding the taste, texture, and how to prepare.

The drool-worthy design not only looks great, but it offers additional value to the subscriber to learn more about the vegetables and imagine themselves in the kitchen cooking with the ingredients.

The CTAs are more discreet but are showcased in the opening paragraph and at the bottom of the email. However, the focus of the CTA isn’t necessarily to purchase the program, but more about learning how to use fresh recipes when you receive your box.

Spring produce email by Plated

Source: Really Good Emails

5. MeUndies: Star Wars Day

Subject line: Star Wars Undies Are Finally Here

If you’re into Star Wars, then you most likely know that May 4th represents Star Wars Day. As an unconventional spring holiday, this was a fun chance for MeUndies to embrace the movie and produce a Star Wars-themed underwear print.

This email is not only effective because it capitalizes on a unique day, but it also utilizes an interactive GIF that features both the male and female products.

The email design embraces a dark mode look which stands in the inbox and utilizes two different CTAs to drive conversions.

MeUndies email promotes Star Wars Day

Source: Really Good Emails

Wrap up

As the spring season kicks off, you must create a seasonal calendar to embrace the creativity that the next few months have to offer. If you’re currently sending traditional emails to your subscribers, consider adding in seasonal content that surprises your audiences and helps convert them into customers.

When you’re creating your spring email campaigns, remember to:

  • Segment your emails lists based on your subscriber’s location to develop more personalized content
  • Freshen up your email design and imagery with current trends
  • Utilize incentives to convert new and loyal customers

You don’t have to look far to find spring email inspiration. However, once you’re ready to create your own spring email campaign, Campaign Monitor is here for you. Try it for free today.

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