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Creating and sending emails is one part of a busy marketer’s tactics to build relationships and stay top of mind with customers.

With this simple email checklist, we’ll navigate an email from end-to-end with helpful tips and reminders to help ensure every email you send not only looks great but gets opened, read, and acted on by your subscribers.


Have you ever sent out an email with a typo in the subject line? If yes, you know how bad it feels, if no, knock on wood because it happens to even the best marketers.

To avoid typos and other errors, follow these tips:

Read your email copy twice. On the first go, read it from top to bottom. The second time around, read it from bottom to top. By reading the words and sentences out of order, you will be more apt to catch mistakes.

Ensure you proof your subject line, your preheader text and any other copy that might be easily overlooked.

Get a second (or third) set of eyes. When you are the only one creating your email, you can get too close to it. Recruit a co-worker with a keen sense of attention to detail to proof it for you. This will give you a fresh set of eyes and can help catch any mistakes.


Try Grammarly, which is a tool that helps you write mistake-free in Gmail, Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, and anywhere else you write on the Web. We even used it when creating this guide.

Grammarly has a handy plugin for Chrome that makes it a breeze to use.

The 2 W's - Who & What

Every email you send needs to tell the subscriber who it’s from and what it is about. Email marketing is about building relationships and this is your first opportunity to keep it real by following these guidelines:

Email Marketing - From Label

From label

Your From label should reflect who the subscriber has the relationship with, or who they are expecting to hear from. Usually, your company name is appropriate.

Email Marketing - Email Subject Line

Subject line

Your subject line should clearly state what your subscriber can expect to read in your email. It should be short, descriptive and give your subscriber enough context to open your email and read it.

Links & Calls to Action

Once your subscribers know who the email is from and what it’s about, they can dive in and take action. Follow these steps to make your links and calls-to-action flawless.

Email Marketing - Links & Calls to Action


Links help your reader access more information or bring them to a page on your website or blog. Drop them directly on the page where you want to go.

  • Test each and every link prior to sending your email to ensure it works and that it takes your reader exactly where you want them to go.
  • Use UTM codes to add additional tracking to your links that you can see in Google Analytics.

Calls to Action (CTA)

Your CTA is what you want your readers to do with your email. It should tell them exactly what action to take. Use these tips to put more action in your calls-to-action:

  • Minimize distractions by keeping your reader focused on one action or choice. If you need to have multiple calls-to-action keep your main CTA in a prominent position in your email.
  • Be bold with your CTA colors by using a contrasting color for your button as compared with the surrounding elements in your email. This will help draw your reader’s eye in.

Check Your List

The success of every email campaign begins and ends with the quality of your list so don’t skip this step! Many an email error has happened due to a mistake in a list.

Email Campaign - Check Email List

Remove duplicate addresses and scrub your email list for any invalid or improperly formatted addresses. Campaign Monitor has an integration with Kickbox that will remove low-quality addresses from your subscriber lists, prior to sending your first campaign.

Include an unsubscribe or opt-out link in every email. Most email service providers do this for you automatically. It’s a requirement of the CAN-SPAM ACT of 2003 so this one is non-negotiable.

Grow your list the right way. Use a sign up form on your website, blog and on your various social channels.

Don’t be tempted to buy or rent a list. You can use Campaign Monitor’s subscribe button, subscribe form or Enlist for iPad to grow your list like a pro

Test & Optimize

Each email you send gives you an opportunity to learn something about your subscribers. Take advantage of this by testing and optimizing with these tips:

Email Campaign - AB Test Email

A/B Test

You can choose an infinite amount of elements to test in your email, but we recommend keeping it to one element per test so you can really understand what’s happening.

Email Campaign - Optimize Email for Mobile

Go Mobile

48% of email is now opened on a mobile device, according to Litmus. To make sure your emails look great no matter what device they’re read on, use a responsive email template. We offer heaps of mobile-friendly  email templates that make it a breeze for everyone to create a great looking email.

There you have it! By using these 5 Easy Steps to Successful Emails you can create email campaigns that look great, get read, and get acted on.

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