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Getting your emails opened is the most important step to take seriously. If people aren’t opening your emails, they can’t read your content or take action.

How do I increase open rates in email marketing?

Read on to discover how to increase your open rate, how to measure open rates and other metrics, and what to do next.

What is an open rate in email marketing?

The open rate in email marketing is the percentage of the total number of times your email was opened by subscribers. The average email marketing open rate is between 15 and 25%, but varies across industries.

When you decide you need to increase your open rate, you need to look at two key factors: deliverability and your subject line. However, deliverability comes first, because your emails need to make it into inboxes before people can even see your subject lines.


Make sure nothing is interfering with your email delivery. Ask yourself the following questions and check out a few important metrics:

  • Are you following best practices for avoiding spam filters?
  • What is your bounce rate?
  • Are you using a high-quality IP address to send your emails?
  • Have you authenticated your sending domain?

Subject lines

After optimizing your delivery rates, you need to check out your subject line copy. Here are a few tips to get your subject lines in order:

  • Keep them short: Most email clients—especially on phones—will cut off your subject line after 40 characters.
  • Stay concise: Get to the point right away.
  • Use actionable language: Inspire your readers to engage with your content before they even open the email.
  • Pique their interest: Without resorting to clickbait, write subject lines that get your subscribers thinking.
  • Don’t neglect preview text: Expand on your subject line in the valuable preview text.
  • Get personal: 67% of people expect personalized content from brands. Use your subscribers’ real names and unique information you know about them. Plus, personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to get opened.

Personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to get opened.

How do you measure your open rate?

Your email service provider should make it easy to measure and track important metrics like your open rate. Simply log into your dashboard and click on the email marketing campaign you want to check. You should see all your important figures like open rates, click rates, and bounces.

Monitor these numbers over time and run A/B tests to check your performance after any changes.

Here’s an example of the Campaign Monitor dashboard, where you can track your open rates and other metrics across all of your email marketing campaigns.

Here’s an example of the Campaign Monitor dashboard, where you can track your open rates and other metrics across all of your email marketing campaigns.

Source: Campaign Monitor

Does it really matter?

Understanding how to measure and increase your open rate is important for getting your emails opened. If subscribers aren’t opening your emails, they can’t read any of your content or take action. Improving your open rate is a big step towards optimizing your overall email marketing strategy.

However, once subscribers open your emails, it’s equally important to provide them with valuable content. If the subject line is engaging but the copy isn’t interesting—or worse, doesn’t match the subject line—readers will likely hit the unsubscribe, trash, or spam buttons.

What now?

Now that you understand how to increase your open rate, it’s time to experiment with some unique subject lines that stand out from your competitors and spark interest in your subscribers. Don’t forget to run some A/B tests to see which subject lines perform best. You can also segment your audience and send each group personalized subject lines.

Once you improve your open rate by ensuring the points above, begin researching how to increase your click-through rate by writing personalized and actionable copy for different segments of your subscriber lists. Do you need some help writing good subject lines? Check out our resource for crafting the perfect subject line to get your emails opened.

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