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Internal newsletters aren’t just a way to update employees on new developments in a company.

They also help improve employee morale, increase productivity, and drive up engagement. Internal newsletters are a way to keep everyone in a company working towards the same goal.

Below is a short video on how you can improve your internal newsletters.


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There are few differences to creating a successful marketing campaign and designing an engaging internal newsletter.

You’ll still want colleagues to read the content you’re sending out. Creating an internal message that other employees want to see requires the same level of effort as designing content intended for clients.

 Internal Newsletter Ideas for Improved Employee Engagement

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What is an internal newsletter?

Valuable information can come from anywhere in the company. It could be a department wanting to share a success story or a way for the corporate suite to update employees on the company’s new goals.

An internal newsletter gives the communications department the ability to keep everyone updated and engaged. By sharing the highlights and new initiatives, you can create a company newsletter that staff will want to receive.

Based on research by Deloitte, only 23% of executives believe they’re capable of aligning employee goals with their corporate strategy.

Source: Deloitte

Best practices for starting an internal newsletter

Firstly, you need to know why you’re sharing internal newsletters within your company. Just sending out a weekly update may not be the best option.

People will get bored if you only repeat information with minimal new developments. You should create newsletters that improve your employees’ daily work lives.

The newsletters should focus on the company’s goals but also give employees some form of escape from their routines.

Once you know what your strategy is, you should also follow these best practices:

  • Create a content plan. If you schedule your communications consistently, staff may look forward to the weekly update. It also gives you time to create more engaging content.
  • Design stunning visuals. Just like other marketing campaigns, internal newsletters should be visually pleasing. The more effort you put into the design, the more likely staff will want to read the content.
  • Include entertainment and metrics. Use polls and competitions to gamify the experience. The more employees participate, the more likely they are to collaborate. You can also include dashboards about the company’s performance in specific areas.
  • Highlight communication channels. Remind staff about the communication channels the company has available. Use internal newsletters to encourage staff to share links to articles or blogs regarding work on the company’s chats.
  • Share developments and competitor information. Staff want to know what the latest trends and developments are in their industry. You should provide information from external sources that adds value to employees’ work.

Internal newsletters give you a chance to market the company to its employees. Keeping this in mind will help you design content that your colleagues will want to see regularly.

What are the benefits of internal newsletters?

Sending out newsletters to everyone in the company keeps staff in the loop. You can include milestones and recent achievements that motivate employees. It’s important that you also credit the efforts that went into reaching those company goals.

This will create a sense of community that helps with employee engagement. A company’s internal newsletter should also show its culture and values.

How to measure the success of your internal newsletters

The best way to know if your internal communications are having the intended effect is to track the open and click-through rates.

If your newsletters remain unopened, it’s an indication that your staff aren’t finding them useful. Using a platform like Campaign Monitor can help you to track all the key metrics about your internal newsletters.

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Does it really matter?

Keeping employees focused in today’s digital age isn’t easy. Engagement with a company’s goals can lead to innovations and improved productivity. An internal newsletter that’s fun can change the way people think and go about their work.

What now?

Internal newsletters help employees stay focused on a company’s goals. They provide a sense of escape from normal duties and give employees the bigger picture. Companies need to ensure that the content is digestible, usable, and fun. This improves engagement and collaboration within the company’s staff.

If you want to learn more about designing internal newsletters that aren’t boring, check out these seven tips.

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