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Email lists are one of the most valuable tools a marketer can have.

It doesn’t depend on SEO optimization or maintaining a social media presence. It doesn’t require a huge investment, either. It just takes a bit of patience and showing up for people who want to hear from you.

If you’ve spent years building a list of subscribers, you’ll know how much time and effort went into growing a group of loyal followers.

With today’s social media platforms, it’s easier to grow your email lists than ever before. You may, therefore, want to know how to get email addresses from your Instagram followers.

Average time spent on social media in seconds

Source: Campaign Monitor

What’s the best way to get email addresses from Instagram followers?

People, on average, spend more time on Instagram than other platforms. This makes it a great social media channel to engage with your customers and increase your brand’s following. You may also want to use that level of engagement to increase the number of subscribers on your lists.

Just like other social media services, you can use the platform to get email addresses from your Instagram followers.

However, it’s important to note that the same rules should apply for normal subscribers.

Exporting follower information and using the contact details they provide isn’t ethical, and you should still use a signup option to get your new email addresses.

Use your bio to let people sign up to the list.

Converting Instagram followers into list subscribers starts with giving them the option to join. You can add the details and link to your signup page in your Instagram bio.

This will allow anyone who visits your profile page to opt in to your list. You can use language that entices people to connect with your brand off Instagram.

Promote signups using stories.

You can also use regular posts and stories to promote signups. This will depend on the type of content you share on Instagram, but a CTA at the end of a post can do wonders for getting more subscribers.

Not every post will require a CTA, but, for those that provide details on a product or service, this helps to entice followers to become subscribers.

Running promotions or contests

Everybody loves free stuff. You can run campaigns on Instagram that require people to sign up to your lists before they can enter a contest or get a promotion code on a product.

Using referrals is another great strategy for getting people to tag their friends in your posts and get extra subscribers.

Guide followers to downloads and other content.

If you regularly create long-form content, you can use Instagram to guide followers to your download page. By letting followers opt in to your newsletters or email campaigns before they can download, you’ll grow your lists in no time.

Use ads to get your message across.

Instead of depending on organic engagement, you can use promotion tools to increase your post’s reach. The ads on Instagram run through Facebook, so, if you already have a Facebook ad account, it’s easy to extend it to Instagram.

How to measure the ways you’re getting email addresses from Instagram followers

You’ll already be keeping track of your engagement levels on Instagram. The platform gives you insights to track every post or story’s performance. If you have an Instagram business profile, you’ll also get access to their analytics. You can combine these indicators to measure how well your list is growing from the platform.

Does it really matter?

Using social media like Instagram is a highly effective way to gain more subscribers to your email. It’s great for brand awareness, and can work in tandem with your email marketing efforts.

For best results, implement a multichannel marketing strategy in which all channels point back to each other, creating more cohesive communication. Not only will this reach different members of your audience, but each channel can serve a unique purpose in your greater marketing strategy.

What now?

Using Instagram to grow your email lists is a viable way to attract new subscribers. You can use your social media posts to entice more people to sign up for regular content from your brand.

If you use your Instagram posts correctly, you’re likely to see an increase in subscribers that’ll mean more leads converted into customers.

Now that you know how to grow your email list from your Instagram followers, check out this blog post on how social media impacts your business.

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