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One of the banner ads we've been runningFor the last month or two we’ve been running a little ad campaign on a number of design sites promoting how a web designer can use Campaign Monitor to create an additional revenue stream for their business. Today we sent out the most recent monthly earnings to our reselling customers, and I figured this was a good opportunity to share the details.

When we merged the billing features of MailBuild into Campaign Monitor at the end of last year, it suddenly became easy to automatically generate income from your clients sending their own email newsletters. You add them as a client, design them a template (and charge them for it), and set how how much they should pay each campaign. Every time they send, you earn a tidy profit which we send you at the end of each month. Couldn’t be easier.

You might remember that a few months back we announced we’d generated more than $1 million in direct, automated profit for our customers. Today we distributed the profits for September totalling more than $150,000 and within the next month or two we’ll cross over the $2 million mark. As you can see from the chart below, the profit earned has been growing at an almost exponential rate.


The best part, this is only the profit generated from your clients sending campaigns. Many of our customers make *much more* charging for their template designs and ongoing strategy for each client. On top of this, an even bigger percentage of customers pay on their clients behalf and then charge them later, so their profit isn’t even represented here.


Personally, this sort of stuff is awesome to see. To know we’re making email marketing easier for our customers is one thing, but to see how we’re helping you guys build successful business is both exciting and gratifying.

If you’re using our client billing feature already, then check your email for the details of your latest earnings. If you’re not, then check out the details on how all this works and read a few case studies on how other customers have been so successful. Your accountant will love you for it.

  • alan

    That’s the coolest graph I’ve seen in a very, very long time.

  • Craig

    What’s the avg amount your users charge to send a campaign?

  • Dan

    Is it $150,000 or $1.5mm?

  • David Greiner

    Craig, we see huge variations in the amounts customers charge. Some will only mark up the delivery fee by a cent or two, while others charge up to 20 cents/email sent. because of the pricing flexibility, plenty of customers also charge different rates for different clients depending on their needs/budget.

    Dan, the $150,000 refers to the profits we paid out last month, but we’ve actually distributed more than $1.5mm in profit since introducing this feature.

  • Ara Garabedian

    God bless your cotton socks Campaign Monitor. I just received my first payment ever and I have to say you guys are onto an absolute winner with CM… and its going to get even better… SWEET!

  • Michael Thomas

    I like the look of this, it looks to me like you are making a stack of money without much effort which is brilliant! I think on top of that charging for the design of the email templates keeps you from twiddling your thumbs! Keep up the good work!

  • Nicki Snoblin

    My biggest problem with this is trying to convince my clients that they should let me handle their e-newsletters instead of using Constant Contact. In our area Constant Contact has done such a great job with marketing that most people think it’s the ONLY way to do mass e-mails. And because my clients typically have rather small contact lists (less than 1000), Constant Contact is a little cheaper for them. I argue the “totally custom design” and “no branding” points, but the cost is usually the bottom line for them. Any suggestions?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Nicki, there’s a great conversation on just this issue in the forum – https://www.campaignmonitor.com/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=9970 .

    We’re planning to refine our top selling points into a white-label brochure that you can give clients in the near future, so I’ll make sure you’re informed when this is done.

  • Nicki Snoblin

    Thanks, Ros, I’ll watch for that.

  • Kym

    it has become a nice revenue stream for us also
    but we pay for campaigns on our clients behalf and then invoice them
    so that figure would probably be higher if others are doing the same

    YES white label stuff would sure help sell more clients, and is an area thats definitely not being exploited by you guys, as far as arming us with all the tools we could have at our disposal.
    white label format brochures and videos would be awesome
    remember there used to be a very cool video
    how about another one of those
    feel this is an area that CM should really be working on to support resellers
    after all the more clients we convert then more $ we bring in for all

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