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A few weeks ago, one of our customers wrote in to ask what the maximum file size is for an HTML email. Keeping in mind how expensive data can be on mobile devices, the obvious response would be, “as small as possible”. But for a moment, we took pause to wonder – is there really a set limit, after which email clients simply spit the dummy?

Thanks to Michelle Klann at Email on Acid, we’ve got an answer – 102kb. In a recent blog post on email size, she explains:

‘If your email exceeds 102K, Gmail will display the first 102K and then it will clip off the remainder with a few different variations depending on the device.’

Listed are the consequences for exceeding this limit in Gmail, the worst case being:

“(after reaching 102k) the mobile version of Gmail for the iPad does not appear to offer any links for viewing the entire message, instead the email is simply cut off.”

Thankfully, images do not count towards this total – just the initially-downloaded HTML content. Of course, an email would have to be pretty long (or code heavy) to clock in at 102kb – which is a usability challenge in itself.

The bottom line is that if your HTML file size is nearing 102kb, your email is too long. Think about how to better refine the email message and/or placing your content on a landing page for easy reading in the browser instead.

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