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Feel like you’re stuck in a rut with with your email campaigns? Sure, your copy may be solid and CTAs are great, but visually, they just leave something to be desired.

You need something fresh and new — and free. You need high quality images that are going to make your email marketing campaign really stand out.

Finding images to compliment your content doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, there are so many options available in this arena that we’ve collected 8 of our favorite free sites that can help make your email marketing campaigns even better.

Here are some of our favorites…

Founded by self-taught freelance photographers David Sherry and Allie Lehman, DTTSP sends subscribers each month a folder of 10-12 free, large, high-quality photos, each with a different theme.

For $10/month, you can access the complete photo archives, as well as exclusive collections.

Thanks to Ryan McGuire of Bells Design, this site offers free, downloadable Creative Commons images that he’s captured over time. Unfortunately you can’t search for photos, but a quick browse through reveals a large pool of images, covering a diverse range of subjects.

New photos (completely free of copyright restrictions) are added on a weekly basis.

The free images you’ll find on this site are not original, but rather a curated collection (mostly from Flickr), approved for commercial use—that is, with attribution to the original photographer.

Collections are grouped by subject matter for easy browsing and can be downloaded in a single click. Or, if you don’t have time to spare, the search bar can help narrow down your quest for the perfect image.

This collection of public domain images consists of vectors, photos, and drawings—all of which are free to use without attribution. On the home page, you’ll find a small, curated collection of images and a search bar (with refining options for more targeted results) as well.

Images at Pixabay are 100% free and licensed for use in commercial and non-commercial projects.

Here, you’ll find access to free high-resolution images and illustrations from the site’s owner—Vicktor Hanacek. While the collection isn’t quite as vast as others and you do experience many asks for donations (and ads) on the site, the options here are worth noting.

A premium account is $6 per month and provides access to unpublished photo packs, their complete image archive and monthly collections, which are sent via email.

Hosted on a simple Tumblr account, the images Unsplash offers are breathtakingly beautiful. Subscribers to the free resource receive 10 new photos every 10 days in their inbox—all of which are available for any type of project.

The minimalist layout and large image display showcases these photos in a unique way that makes for an interesting browsing experience.

Launched by Michael Conners in 1996, this stock image gallery offers free images—albeit not public domain—which can be altered and used for creative projects. MorgueFile also offers discounts on iStock credit packs and makes it easy to search images from Getty, Dreamstime, and more all in one place.

Aside from their image inventory, you’ll also find photo op challenges, a community forum, and free courses on photography (so you can sharpen your own skills, too.)

While the selection of free images you’ll find here may not be as curated as others, StockVault has complied a collection 47,000 of high quality, user-submitted and photographer-attributed photos. These images can serve as a great starting point for creative projects.

Donations are strongly encouraged via a “support” button on each individual image page.


Using this endless supply of photos and Canvas’ drag and drop image capabilities, your email campaigns are going to look more amazing than ever before. The only hard part will be deciding which images to use!

Your turn Which sites would you add to this list? What are your go-to sites for free images?

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