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  • Jaina

    I’ve been considering doing a curated newsletter for our B2B customers rather than the typical newsletter, we send to B2C customers, to give them more added value from us as a company. But the one hurdle I feel I’m facing is selling curated newsletters to stakeholders – newsletters that go out to a vast majority of customers with very few clicks that go back to our own websites. While I understand and appreciate the value of curated newsletters very much – they help build your brand and give your customers a real insight into being able to really help you – but how do you sell the concept to stakeholders who just see newsletters as a traffic revenue?

  • Wesley

    The question (in comments) from Jaina underscores the key missing element in this this post.

    Every version of the SitePoint newsletter (I’m a subscriber) includes a section about their content and /or products. SitePoint actively produces content as part of their customer acquisition. Their curation promotes awareness about their stuff via a resource of references to other stuff that’s relevant to their target audience.

    This post doesn’t tie curation, a tactic, to a governing strategy. Jaina, think in this context. How customer engagement through curation drive the larger content or digital strategy your organization has in place?

  • Ophelie

    Great point, Jaina. As Wesley hints at, there’s a robust strategy behind Versioning, which I can elaborate on a bit.

    Versioning is one of SitePoint’s 10 newsletters, but our only daily email. Access to someone’s inbox (and attention!) is precious, so we knew, when launching an email newsletter, that we needed to surface the best of the best, not just the best of what _we_ produce.

    Through testing, we found that readers responded best to a mix of about 80% external content to 20% SP content. Staying on top of what everyone else is writing is part of our jobs, so the amount of additional time it takes to create the email is relatively small — a half-hour or so most days, depending on the concentration of puns in the day’s email.

    Does Versioning bring a massive amount of traffic to SitePoint? It’s a nice addition, but if we were doing it for the clicks, we would have stopped by now.

    The real wins have been the incredible loyalty and feedback from our readers, and the data we gain from noticing what people click on, what they reply to, and what they send us for inclusion. That has influenced every single one of our content decisions since launching Versioning.

  • Dinesh kumar

    Much appreciated. A great follow up to this would be what’s allowed in an email.I think newsletter is a good addition to other social media channels.
    Facebook, Twitter, company’s blog, newsletter

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