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With so many types of marketing emails available to marketing teams, there’s plenty to work with. That means there are plenty of different marketing email templates to choose from to help you design the ideal marketing campaign that keeps your readers engaged with your content.

When consumers think of marketing emails, they’re most likely going to think of promotional ads that are sent to them from brands, such as this example from Costco.

Generic promotional marketing email

Source: Costco

Although this is a type of marketing email, it’s not one that’s intended to help build the relationship between customers and brands. There are several other types of marketing emails that are intended for not only informing readers of deals and savings, but also fostering a strong, loyal relationship between subscribers and brands.

Not sure where to start? Read on to discover three marketing email templates to help.

1. The welcome email

The welcome email is designed to help you jumpstart your relationship with each new subscriber that decides to join your email list. This is the perfect opportunity to not only acknowledge your new subscribers but show them the appreciation they’re looking for since they’ve taken the leap of faith that is giving you their email address.

After all, approximately 74% of consumers expect this type of email recognition after they’ve signed up for your email list.

Not only do welcome emails make your readers feel appreciated, but they also see some of the highest open rates, averaging nearly 50%.

Welcome email template

When designing this type of marketing email template, there are a few pieces that need to be considered: the subject line, preheader text, body, and the CTA. For a welcome email, you want to make sure you’re personalizing each piece of the template and utilize language that’s warm and inviting.

Welcome email subject line examples

Depending on your brand’s niche, you can customize your welcome email subject lines in several ways, including:

  • <Name>, let’s get you moving!
  • Welcome to <Brand>, <Name>!
  • Welcome! Here’s Your Discount Code
  • Ready to <action>? Welcome to <brand>
  • # Ways to Get Started with <brand>

Welcome email preheader text examples

Your welcome email preheader text is just as important as your email subject line, since it’s the second piece of content your new subscribers will be seeing. Here are a few welcome email preheader text examples:

  • “We’re glad you’re here, <Name>.
  • “Thanks for joining us! Here’s your <promotion/incentive>
  • Welcome, <name>! We have a surprise for you ?

Welcome email body copy examples

The body of your welcome email needs to not only welcome the reader, but should provide something of value to them. Giving out an email address is a very personal decision, so it makes the readers feel much better about joining an email list if the brand gives them something in return. This can be a special signup incentive or simply more information on what your brand stands for and what they can expect from you in the future.

This body copy example is warm, friendly, and follows through on the special incentive that was promised in the initial signup process.

Welcome email body copy example

Source: Really Good Emails

In the following example from The New Yorker, they use their welcome email body copy to inform new subscribers about what they can expect from the brand’s marketing emails.

 Welcome email body copy example

Source: Really Good Emails

Welcome email CTA copy examples

Most types of marketing emails utilize CTAs that drive actions that (hopefully) lead to a conversion, turning simple subscribers to customers. That’s not the case for most welcome emails. These subscribers are still feeling out of your brand, so you don’t want to simply bombard them with promotional ads right off the bat. That’ll just leave a bad taste in their mouths.

Instead, you want to utilize CTA copy that benefits them, not you. For example, if we revisit the welcome email from The New Yorker, you’ll notice that each of their CTAs addresses the needs of their readers:

Welcome email body copy example

Source: Really Good Emails

2. The email newsletter

Email newsletters are an extremely versatile type of marketing email. Most email newsletters are used to inform readers about a variety of different topics, including brand news, new content updates, and even community updates—depending on the nature of the brand.

Email newsletter template

Since these types of marketing emails are so versatile, they don’t always come off as a typical newsletter. That said, brands must remember that an email newsletter intends to inform a reader, not sell to them.

Email newsletter subject line examples

Like with any other type of marketing email, your email newsletter subject line is the first piece of content your readers will encounter when they open their inbox. That means your subject line needs to stand out, without coming off as click-bait or promotional. Remember, the primary focus of your email newsletter is to inform your readers of something, and, depending on the niche you belong to, this can be accomplished in several different ways. Just check out these examples from various niches:

  • Medical example: “Are you tired of quarantine? │ What is convalescent plasma? │ Preventing infection”
  • Marketing example: “[Webinar] Competitive Sales Enablement: Bridging the Gap.”
  • Beauty example: “Good news, even better people!”
  • Service provider example: “Whoa! That’s one big vocabulary!”

Email newsletter preheader text examples

As with your email subject line, your preheader text needs to continue giving your subscribers a reason to click and open your email. You’ve captured their attention with the subject line, so keep them hooked with an intriguing preheader text, such as these examples:

  • Medical example: “Tired of social distancing? It’s not the time to let up.”
  • Marketing example: “Join us on <date> for a webinar on using sales enablement tactics to bridge the gap between sales and marketing.”
  • Beauty example: “The Highlight of our week ✨”
  • Service provider example: “You used more unique words than 99% of users last week!”

Email newsletter body copy examples

You can still slip in a promotional content box within the message; however, it shouldn’t be the primary focus of the newsletter.

The beauty brand, Colourpop, does a wonderful job of keeping their readers involved in everything going on within their community with their weekly newsletters. In the example below, they share some positive news with readers, some user-generated content, and even encourage their readers to socialize with the brand by “sharing their looks” via their social media channels.

 Email newsletter body copy example

Source: Colourpop

What stands out about the following email newsletter body copy from Smart Insights is how it’s displayed to the readers. It’s packed with information that a variety of readers may enjoy. However, the brand has taken the time to organize their content into various content boxes, making it simpler for their readers to find what they’re looking for, quickly.

Email newsletter body copy example

Source: Smart Insights

Email newsletter CTA copy examples

As with the copy of an email newsletter, the CTA must also remain informative, not promotional. That means utilizing action terms that suggest getting something for nothing. A few popular email newsletter CTA’s include:

  • “Learn More”
  • “Read On”
  • “Check It Out”
  • “See How”

3. The lead nurturing email

Finally, of all the different types of marketing emails available to your team, you’ll want to consider the lead nurturing email. These emails are designed to help nurture your leads through the customer lifecycle with the end goal of a final conversion. Now, this conversion can be anything, including a download, signup, or even a purchase.

Lead nurturing email template

The great thing about lead nurturing emails is the fact that they’re so very versatile. Depending on where in the lifecycle your customer is, you could be sending them anything from informative content to promotional content. The options truly are endless, since your goal here is to continue building your relationship with each subscriber.

Lead nurturing email subject line examples

There are many types of lead nurturing email subject lines that you can utilize; however, the most popular fall under the following categories:

  • Question: “How safe is your pet this summer?”
  • Incentive: “New eBook: The essential guide to <topic>”
  • How-to: “How to grow your email list”
  • Trending topics: “Spring into the season with these bright colors”
  • Urgent: “Only 2 days left!”

Lead nurturing email preheader text examples

Once you’ve crafted your ideal subject line, don’t forget to follow it up with intriguing preheader text, such as:

  • Last days to save big
  • Make your space spotless with these cleaning tips
  • Join us on <date> for a webinar on <topic>

Lead nurturing email body copy examples

The following email is a great lead nurture email that’s intended to get to know the audience better:

 Lead nurture email example

Source: Really Good Emails

Another great example of a lead nurturing email is an anniversary email. It shows your readers that you’re paying careful attention to their needs and activities, such as this example from PlayStation:

Lead nurture email example

Lead nurturing email CTA copy examples

When it comes to lead nurturing email CTAs, keep in mind to avoid friction words that implicate that you’re benefiting from their action. A few great lead nurture emails CTAs that don’t cause friction or hesitation include:

  • “Get my offer”
  • “Redeem my prize”
  • “Send me <product>”
  • “I’m in!”

Wrap up

When it comes to the many different types of marketing emails available to use, there are quite a few to choose from. Today, we touched on the three most popular email marketing templates you should be using, including:

  • Welcome emails
  • Email newsletters
  • Lead nurturing emails

Want to learn about additional types of marketing emails? Then check out these 9 emails every marketer should be sending.

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