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You created a beautiful landing page and put together an opt-in popup to grow your email list. You’re ready to see results from your email marketing efforts, but you aren’t seeing the new customer conversions that you thought you would.

Are you using welcome emails properly?

When it comes to converting new customers, you need to write stunning welcome email subject lines that make your subscribers want to know more. Just because they signed up for your email list, that doesn’t mean they’re ready to offer their loyalty.

Welcome emails allow people know why they want to work with your brand. They’re the first step in building a relationship with a potential customer, but only if your subscribers actually open them.

Why stunning welcome email subject lines are critical to your campaigns

Subject lines are critical. After your company name, they’re the first thing people read in their inbox, and most people don’t spend a lot of time trying to figure out if an email is relevant to them. That’s why you need stunning welcome email subject lines. Subject lines impact key metrics:

  • The subject line alone is the determining factor in whether 47% of people will read your email or not.
  • Nearly 70% of email recipients use the subject line to decide whether an email is spam.
  • People who receive emails with personalized subject lines are 22.2% more likely to open them.

The most common way to personalize welcome emails is to include your recipient’s first name in the subject line. This results in a higher open rate than welcome emails without a name.

Another way to increase open rates with welcome email subject lines is by optimizing their length. Open rates vary based on the number of words in an email subject line:

  • 0-5 words: 16%
  • 6-10 words: 21%
  • 11-15 words: 14%
  • 16-20 words: 12%
  • 21-25 words: 9%

While you may see different results—you should use A/B testing to see what works best for your email list—it’s clear that shorter email subject lines result in higher open rates. This means you can see higher conversion rates too.

3 ways to incorporate stunning welcome email subject lines into your next campaign

If you really want to see results from your campaign, you’ll need more than stunning welcome email subject lines. You’ll also need a welcome message that encourages your reader to take action.

1. Ask a question that inspires curiosity in your subscribers.

If someone has just signed up for your email list, there’s a good chance they’re at least a little bit curious about your company. A welcome email is a perfect opportunity to provide valuable insight into how your organization works. Open-ended questions spark interest in your content and give your reader something to think about.

A question can give your reader a moment to reflect rather than scrolling past your message.

Source: Really Good Emails

Subject line: Wondering how Havenly works?

Service-based companies can use welcome emails to get people started. You can include links to your FAQ or “how it works” page or include a video that describes how your services work. Whatever the content, you want a subject line that lets your readers know what to expect.

2. Use personalization to generate interest in your message.

Email personalization is a simple technique for improving open rates, and a welcome email is your first chance to make a good impression. It’s a good marketing practice to use opt-in forms that ask for a subscriber’s first name. This is one of the easiest ways to incorporate personalization in your email campaigns, and it can increase open rates.

Personalization is a key best practice for improving email performance.

Source: Really Good Emails

Subject line: Hi Smiles Davis! Welcome to HomeAway!

A welcome email is your chance to hype your brand. You really want people to open these emails if you want them to build a relationship with your company. Email personalization is the first step toward building that relationship.

3. Include an offer or discount to add value to your content.

Email coupons and discount codes not only increase your open rates, but they improve your conversions as well. If you want your welcome email to encourage people to purchase from you, a promotional offer may be just the trick you need. Including an expiration date can impart a sense of urgency to help close the deal.

Promotional offers show your customers that you value their business.

Source: Really Good Emails

Subject line: Smiles Davis, you have 20% off

Coupons and discounts can increase total purchase amounts, but they’re even more effective as part of a loyalty program. If your company has a customer loyalty program, a welcome email with a promotional offer is the perfect way to grow your list.

36 stunning welcome email subject lines that boost open rates

When it comes to boosting open rates and driving growth, you need stunning welcome email subject lines that catch your reader’s eye. These 36 examples of actual welcome email subject lines show how you can use just a few words to capture your audience.

Stunning welcome email subject lines with emoji

Emoji are a fun way to connect with your audience. They convey meaning without taking up a lot of space, and they help break up the monotony of your inbox. When it comes to using emoji in subject lines, 56% of companies saw higher unique open rates. Read through these subject line examples featuring emoji:

  • Hello from your new friend in the kitchen ? ?
  • Welcome to Made In! ??
  • Welcome to Dense Discovery ?
  • ? There’s more to unlock, Smiles Davis
  • ?️ Smiles Davis, the fun’s just begun!
  • Welcome to HireClub! ?

Stunning welcome email subject lines with promo codes

Email coupons and discount codes are a great way to encourage new customers to shop with you. Nearly 100% of millennials use mobile phones to compare prices, and 53% of all consumers want to see only digital coupons. Consider these promotional offers in welcome email subject lines:

  • Welcome! Get $25 Off Your 1st Order
  • You’re in. Get 15% off an L16 ?️
  • Welcome to Zalando! Enjoy £10 off your next order
  • Welcome! Here’s Your Discount Code
  • Welcome to the Newsletter – Your Free Fonts are Inside
    hooray! your 10% OFF code is here.

Stunning welcome email subject lines with personalization

When compared to emails that don’t use personalization, emails that are personalized have 29% higher open rates. They also yield transaction rates that are six times higher than emails that aren’t personalized. Check out these welcome email subject lines that feature basic personalization:

  • Welcome to Uber, Smiles Davis
  • Really Good Emails, welcome to your YouTube Community tab!
  • Smiles Davis, let’s get you moving!
  • Welcome to Teachable, Smiles Davis!
  • Smiles Davis, you deserve the best
  • Welcome to, Smiles Davis. Your quotes are here!

Stunning welcome email subject lines with questions

As mentioned earlier, questions create intrigue. Rather than being told what to think, questions let your subscribers wonder whether they need to know the answer. You can use simple yes or no questions or you can ask questions that require a bit of consideration.

  • New to Our (Curious) World?
  • Are you feeling lucky?
  • Interested in opportunities?
  • Did you say “beard”? – Welcome to Beardbrand!
  • Ready to meditate?
  • Ready to step up? Welcome to Activité

Stunning welcome email subject lines with next steps

If you offer services to your customers, a welcome email is the right time to let them know how to take advantage of what you offer. From emails with account login instructions to critical next steps, these welcome email subject lines highlight what’s to come:

  • Here’s how to get started:
  • Log in to your Wayfair account
  • 4 Ways to Get Started with AWS
  • Welcome to nDash: Important Next Steps
  • You got Ellevested! Here’s what’s next
  • Welcome! Here are the top 5 things to know.

Stunning welcome email subject lines with a simple welcome

Even with all of the potential options, the most common welcome emails simply welcome their new subscribers. Larger companies can get away with a blunt “Welcome,” but small businesses will want to call out what they offer or what makes them stand apart.

  • ? Welcome to Pixelbuddha — the Most Freebie-Friendly Community
  • Welcome to the world of Magic Spoon
  • Welcome to the smoke show.
  • Welcome to Food52! Make yourself at home.
  • Welcome to Your New Favorite Printer
  • Welcome! Our Expert Booksellers Recommend…

Wrap up

Writing stunning welcome email subject lines takes practice. Every email list is different; every industry is different. Writing for the B2B industry is different from writing for the B2C industry. There are ways to make the process more efficient, though. Consider these takeaways when writing your welcome email subject lines:

  • Use your subject line to create interest in your brand. Highlight features or explain what you have to offer.
  • Write subject lines that inspire confidence. Remind your readers why they signed up for your list in the first place.
  • Include a promotional offer in your subject line. This will improve open rates and help lead to a new customer.

Depending on the goal of your welcome email, your subject line can be as general or specific as you want. You may even consider segmenting your welcome campaigns based on how people get to your site.

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