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The 4th of July festivities are winding down, and that means the summer is going to start winding down faster than we’d like to admit.

While many don’t want to think about summer coming to an end, to marketers, it means it’s time to start putting together their next holiday campaigns for their Labor Day deals and back-to-school announcements.

The end of summer doesn’t have to be a negative experience, especially when your readers have something to look forward to.

Should I run a Labor Day campaign? How about an end-of-summer email campaign?

Marketers know the benefits of running holiday campaigns. However, many of those holidays run between the months of October and February. Major holidays land during those fall and winter months, and they can mean big money for businesses.

The days between Black Friday and Christmas typically generate 50–100% more revenue than other shopping days throughout the year, and each year, holiday e-commerce sales increase by about 10%.

Instead of waiting, marketers would be wise to begin their holiday marketing efforts by celebrating the end of summer through Labor Day campaigns. With more and more shoppers beginning their holiday browsing prior to the significant end-of-year holidays, Labor Day and back-to-school sales can do wonders for those looking to boost sales.

Even if consumers aren’t necessarily making holiday purchases in September, these end-of-summer email campaigns are ideal for increasing reader engagement, especially since Labor Day is one of the biggest U.S sale weekends. Consumers will be browsing for the best end-of-summer deals, so don’t neglect this important holiday.

Labor Day email campaigns that rock

As we mentioned above, Labor Day is one of the biggest sales holidays in the United States, meaning you’ll want to ensure your marketing team is taking full advantage of the frenzy. Short on Labor Day email campaign ideas? Here are a few samples that caught our eye.


This email by Illustria, a branding agency, caught our eye for several reasons. First of all, it’s not your typical promotional email, which is to be expected on Labor Day. Instead, Illustria decided to forgo a promotional email and send out a customer appreciation email instead.

The other reason this email stood out was because of its use of animation. Animation is proven to help increase user engagement because it’s easy for viewers to digest the information being presented.

This Labor Day email gets Illustria's subscribers in the mood for fall.

Source: Really Good Emails


What made this Labor Day email campaign stand out? Compex’s terminology: “email exclusive.” Sure, consumers can head out to the stores to do their shopping, but when offered exclusive savings, users are more likely to click through to the website to see what offers are available, rather than just browsing the info on the email before trashing it.

This Labor Day/end of summer email from Compex encourages subscribers to make a purchase.

Source: Milled


Tokidoki took a fun approach to their Labor Day sales email and not only included fun graphics, but made excellent use of patriotic colors to draw their audience in.

Labor Day is widely recognized as a patriotic holiday, much like Memorial Day and the 4th of July, so this end of summer clearance sale truly stands out.

This Labor Day email gets subscribers in the mood for fall and holiday shopping.

Source: Milled


We like this Labor Day sale campaign for its simplicity. Yes, while many brands go out of their way to stand out, this email stood out thanks to its featured image, which was followed by a very simplistic layout featuring items currently on sale. It’s important to remember that white space helps direct readers where you want them to go, and BioLite did a great job making their products stand out in this email.

This end of summer and labor day email celebrates the end of summer and gets subscribers thinking about the fall.

Source: Really Good Emails

PRO Compression

This example by Pro Compression stood out amongst the masses thanks to its unique “grab bag” concept. Even better, it’s piggybacking off their previous Labor Day sale, which prevents consumer FOMO.

This Labor Day, send out an email that gets your subscribers thinking about the fall and incentivizes them to get started with their holiday shopping.

Source: Milled

Why email subject lines matter

Having a Labor Day email campaign ready to fire is wonderful, especially if you’ve optimized it for your readers and taken the time to test it for efficiency. However, marketers need to focus heavily on their email subject lines.

Let’s face it: Your stunning email marketing campaign won’t result in anything if your readers aren’t enticed to open it. That’s why having a good Labor Day email subject line is so essential.

What makes an effective email subject line?

When crafting an email subject line, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind:

  • Personalize it to your readers by adding their name
  • Keep it warm and inviting
  • Use promos to entice readers to open
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Keep it short, sweet, and simple

41 Labor Day email subject lines to spark your creativity

Now that you’ve gotten a chance to look at some excellent examples of Labor Day emails (and now that you know just how important a subject line is), here are 41 Labor Day email subject lines to spark your creativity!

  1. Happy Labor Day >Name<! | Enjoy #% off!
  2. Fire up the grill and celebrate Labor Day with Us!
  3. Labor Day Weekend Deals – Save Up to #%
  4. Happy Labor Day! + Free shipping ?
  5. Pre-Labor Day Savings Start Now ⏳ Save Up To #% On Select Items
  6. Preview Labor Day Savings. Starts Friday, August 30
  7. Pre-Labor Day Clearance Event‼
  8. Labor Day Blowout! 3-Day Only Special Coupon
  9. Shop EARLY ⏰ and save BIG this Labor Day Weekend
  10. Labor Day savings just landed in your inbox ?
  11. Labor Day Discounts Start Today‼
  12. Hard work pays off: #% off Labor Day Sale
  13. Labor of ❤ + Free Express Shipping
  14. Relax this Labor Day ? You Deserve It!
  15. Take an extra #% off with the Labor Day Bonus!
  16. Fall in L?ve with our Labor Day Sale
  17. Labor Day Weekend Promo
  18. Countdown to Labor Day Weekend ⏱
  19. Gear up for Labor Day Weekend!
  20. Hot dog! ? It’s Labor Day! Book a table now!
  21. Last Call for Summer! | Labor Day Event
  22. End of summer sale! ? #% off your favorites
  23. No time to waste! ? Labor Day Sales End Soon
  24. Free Shipping This Labor Day ?
  25. Celebrate Labor Day With #% Off
  26. Labor Day Flash Sale ? #% Off. Shop Now!
  27. Wishing you a safe & happy Labor Day >Name<! ?
  28. Join us >Name<! We’re open Labor Day!
  29. ✅ that off your list this Labor Day with #% off deals!
  30. ? Shipping on all orders $50 and ⬆ this Labor Day
  31. Out lowest SALE Prices of the Year ? Labor Day Clearance Event
  32. Labor Day Sitewide Sale
  33. Labor Day Mega Sale ?
  34. The Sitewide Labor Day Sale Ends Today!
  35. Don’t miss out! Labor Day deals end at midnight ?
  36. #% OFF Select Styles | Extended Labor Day Sale!
  37. It’s (Almost) Over! ? Labor Day Sale
  38. Labor Day SALE ends tomorrow at Noon!
  39. Last call for Labor Day savings + FREE Shipping! ?
  40. EXTENDED! ? Labor Day sales + FREE shipping!
  41. Post-Labor Day Savings Are Sailing Away Soon! ?

Wrap up

The weeks and months between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the perfect time to send out holiday email campaigns. Think about it, in 2017 alone, Americans spent $7.1 billion on cookouts and barbecues, meaning that the summer months hold a lot of potential for businesses.

Remember, as crucial as the email itself is, readers will see the subject line first. In other words, your subject line and preheader text are responsible for convincing subscribers to open your email—or trash it. When crafting your Labor Day email subject lines this year, remember to:

  • Personalize
  • Incentivize
  • Spark curiosity
  • Test for efficiency before sending

Need help crafting subject lines that get your readers to open your email campaigns? Then check out our guide to becoming an email subject line superhero today.

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